SnowEx Offers 2-Yard Capacity, Polyethylene-Constructed V-Box Spreader

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – SnowEx offers the V-Maxx 8500 bulk spreader. The company’s first 2-cubic-yard capacity, V-box-style spreader featuring a hopper entirely constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene, the V-Maxx is designed to spread virtually any combination of materials.

Designed for use with pickups (8-foot beds or larger), flat-bed trucks and dump-bed trucks, the V-Maxx 8500 features a patented multi-angle hopper combined with an inverted-“V” salt/sand baffle and attached vibrator that allows for continuous material flow, no matter what is being spread. From 100-percent salt to 100-percent sand, the V-Maxx can spread a combination of material effectively and efficiently.

Offering a hopper constructed of polyethylene, the V-Maxx 8500 eliminates the corrosion concerns and constant maintenance commonly associated with steel V-box alternatives, and it is also much lighter than steel alternatives. Though the hopper boasts 0.375-millimeter thick-walled construction, the V-Maxx is up to 40-percent lighter than similar capacity steel-built options and are easier to install or remove. Conversely, because of their extreme weight, steel V-boxes usually dedicate the receiving pickup for the entire season, greatly limiting the truck’s capabilities and payload.

Powered by a ½-horsepower, high-torque commercial continuous-duty 12-volt electric drive system, the V-Maxx 8500 produces an impressive 1,800 inch-pounds of torque at the auger transmission output shaft. This fully electric design means there are no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains, which provides for low-maintenance, worry-free operation. To further reduce operational concerns, the electric drive system is completely weather-resistant sealed and there are two grease fittings (Zirk fittings) for simplified maintenance.

The unique independent spinner/auger controller makes SnowEx V-box-style spreaders the most user-friendly bulk spreaders on the market. This innovative cab-mounted controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between the spinner and auger, maximizing material usage. Spread width is variable between 5 to 40 feet. A digital system LED display with status monitoring and system protection is standard as well as an auto-reverse function in the event of auger jams.

Furthermore, as with all SnowEx V-box-style spreaders, the V-Maxx 8500 is built with a Quick-Pin hitch for fast and easy spinner assembly removal. Compared with competitive models that require the spreader assembly to be unbolted or for the entire spreader to be removed from the truck’s bed before being able to tow, the Quick-Pin hitch allows this conversion to take place in a matter of seconds. This feature effectively makes the service vehicle more useful, not having to be dedicated to one function, while also simplifying off-season spreader storage.

Other standard features include an auxiliary LED brake light, top screen, fitted tarp and a non-combustible HD automotive wiring harness. Optional accessories include an auxiliary light kit and the AccuSpray material pre-wetting system.

SnowEx is a product division of TrynEx International. Other TrynEx brands include TurfEx turf care equipment, and SweepEx broom attachments. For more information, contact TrynEx International, 531 Ajax Drive, Madison Heights, MI 48071, call 800-725-8377 or 586-756-6555, fax 586-755-0338, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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