Arctic Snow & Ice Control Products Offers Sectional Sno-Pusher for Smaller Equipment

BRADLEY, Ill — Sectional Sno-Pusherä, a product division of Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, has developed a line of pushers to be used with compact equipment. The LD Pushers are compatible with several types of lighter-duty equipment including backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders, and tractors. Designed by an experienced snow and ice management contractor, the LD snow pushers are ideal for facility managers, and construction and landscape contractors looking for a productive solution for inactive equipment during the winter months, as well as established snow and ice control professionals.

Incorporating several unique, patented features, the LD pushers increase snow removal efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and virtually eliminate follow-up plowing. The patented steel moldboard design is made up of 32-inch-wide individual sections, each featuring spring-loaded trip edges. The exclusive moldboard design combines the precision of a small plow with the capacity of a large pusher.  The separate sections move independently of one another, allowing the unit to contour to the surface and scrape snow and ice out of dips and recessions, all while moving up and over raised objects. For example, one section may lower to reach a pothole while, simultaneously, another section trips over a raised manhole cover. Not only does this enhance plowing efficiency, it protects operators from dangerous impact injuries and minimizes property damage.

Each moldboard section features an AR-400 hardened-steel trip cutting edge, designed to effectively scrape snow and ice down to the pavement. Unlike competitors that offer rubber or polyurethane cutting edges, the Sectional Sno-Pusher’s steel edge provides cleaner removal in a single pass. In addition to removing compact ice and snow, the cutting edge’s sectional design is also more economical. On a typical one-piece moldboard plow or pusher, the entire cutting edge – often several feet, must be replaced when damaged. In the event that a Sectional Sno-Pusher’s cutting edge is damaged, only that individual section needs to be replaced, resulting in significant cost savings.

Every LD pusher comes equipped with Sectional Sno-Pusher’s patented Slip-Hitchä system, which provides quicker, easier, and more efficient operation. The pusher operates independently of the machine, and automatically and continuously adjusts to the pavement grade, resulting in fewer missed areas and less follow-up plowing. Because it adjusts to the pavement mechanically, less operator time and effort is required to position the pusher, making it ideal for inexperienced operators. Additionally, the hitch ensures all four tires remain on the pavement at all times. As a result, the machine is able to achieve full traction, and eliminate drag and loss of horsepower.

Equipped with bolt-on mechanical side panels, the LD pushers prevent damage to the equipment, pusher, and operator. Like the moldboard sections, the side panels move upward upon impact to avoid objects hidden beneath the snow like curbs, medians and parking lot islands. Obstacles up to 9-inches in height can be cleared if the operator fails to see the hidden object under the snow. They can continue to plow without disrupting the snow-clearing path or losing the snow in front of the pusher. In addition to significantly reducing parking lot and property damage, this also protects the operator from impact and fatigue. For added product life, the panels feature durable AR-400 hardened-steel shoes. The Slip-Hitch system allows the side panels’ shoes to ride flat along the pavement, providing even wear and greater longevity. 

Each moldboard section is individually mounted to the pusher’s mainframe with engineered polyurethane blocks. In the unlikely event of damage, one moldboard section can be replaced rather than the entire pusher. This easy removal and replacement process provides both time and cost savings.

Designed for equipment weighing less than 15,000 pounds, the LD pushers are available in four sizes to accommodate a range of equipment. The 8-foot, LD8 model is the smallest, with a weight of 1,400 pounds and pushing capacity of 10 yards. Weighing in at 1,700 pounds, the LD10 is a 10-foot model that offers a capacity of 13 yards. The 12-foot, LD12 model weighs 2,000 pounds and has a 16-yard pushing capacity. Finally, at 2,200 pounds, the LD14 is the largest of the light-duty pushers. It’s 14 feet in length and offers a capacity of 19 yards. One pusher fits all thanks to the universal bucket mounting system, which allows the unit to be connected in minutes. And every LD pusher is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Since 1978, Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products has been a reputable provider of snow and ice management services. Today, the company is both an established contracting business and the manufacturer of the Sectional Sno-Pusher. For more information, contact Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, 101 Euclid Avenue, Bradley, IL 60915, call 888-242-3766, e-mail [email protected], or visit the website at

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