Bandit Model 2250XP

Get ready to spend more time grinding stumps and less time adjusting belts. That’s because the all-new Model 2250XP self-propelled stump grinder from Bandit Industries uses a heavy-duty hydrostatic motor to directly power its 20-inch diameter cutter wheel. This eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system and the many sheaves and bearings associated with those components. The result is a competitively priced stump grinder that requires significantly less maintenance than similar machines. Less maintenance means less downtime and lower operating costs, allowing the 2250XP to work longer with less investment in parts and labor.

“This is the same proven technology we use on our bigger stumpers and forestry mowers,” said Jason Morey, small equipment sales manager for Bandit Industries. “Hydrostatic drive is extremely reliable and far less complicated, and it delivers plenty of power to the cutter wheel for great performance. Offering this kind of drive on an inexpensive stump grinder is something we’re really excited about, and early feedback from our customers tell us they’re just as excited to get this machine.”

Powering the Bandit Model 2250XP is a 27-horsepower gas engine driving two hydraulic pumps—one for the self-propelled undercarriage and one for the cutter wheel. The hydrostatic motor at the cutter wheel is a heavy-duty, 40CC unit that uses an oversize bearing to manage the side-load and shock loads associated with stump grinding. With no clutch to operate, engaging the cutter wheel is literally as simple as pushing a lever. Easy-to-use machine-mounted controls are intuitive and positioned to provide good visibility while grinding, allowing the operator to take full advantage of the 2250’s capabilities. At just 1500 pounds this is one of the lightest four-wheeled stump grinders available, and with large flotation tires the 2250XP can easily traverse delicate lawns without damage. A maximum width of 35 inches means the 2250XP is also extremely maneuverable in close quarters, and its combination of compact size and light weight make for easy transportation by virtually any vehicle.

“This is the perfect stumper for rental companies,” said Morey. “With no belts or bearings to replace it’s a very low maintenance machine. That’s really going to make a difference on the monthly balance sheet because it’ll spend more time making money while costing a lot less to maintain.”

As with other Bandit stump grinders, the Model 2250XP is manufactured primarily by hand, using durable all-steel construction with the best materials and components available. At the job site, its massive 50-inch swing arc with a 14-inch cutting depth gives this compact stumper the broad reach and bite demanded by tree care professionals.

“It’s small enough to not be intimidating for weekend renters, but it’s still powerful enough for the pros to handle big stumps,” said Morey. “This machine is a game-changer for small stump grinders; there’s nothing else at this price point that can touch the 2250XP’s combination of performance, low maintenance and reliability.”

The Model 2250XP is currently available for order. Contact your local Bandit authorized dealer or call 800-952-0178 for details.

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