Oregon Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Updated Nov 29, 2012

OREGON announced the launch of the HT250 Hedge Trimmer as part of the expansion of the OREGON 40V MAX* Cordless Tool System.

The OREGON HT250 Hedge Trimmer is powered by the OREGON PowerNowTM battery platform, a system of premium Lithium Ion batteries that are compatible across all OREGON Cordless Tools, including the CS250 Chain Saw and the ST250 Trimmer/Edger.

The HT250 Hedge Trimmer features a 24” blade with laser-cut precision blades for long reach and cleaner cutting, resulting in healthier plants. The Trimmer’s dual-action blades provide smooth cutting action while reducing vibration and noise. The light- weight, ergonomic design features balanced handle placement for comfortable operation and handling. The Hedge Trimmer features a variable speed trigger, increasing control and run time.

Capable of cutting branches up to 3⁄4” in diameter, the HT250 delivers up to 60 minutes of trigger time on a single charge with the B400E 2.4 Ah Battery Pack and 30 minutes with the B500S 1.25 Ah Battery Pack. When accounting for other aspects of the job this trigger time can equate to total project times of 1-3 hours.

Available Spring 2013, the OREGON HT250 Cordless Hedge Trimmer can be purchased in two convenient kits that include a battery pack and charger. For an existing OREGON cordless user, the unit can also be purchased without a battery or charger. Additional batteries and chargers can be purchased separately.

The OREGON 40V MAX* Hedge Trimmer, Model HT250 product features:

Instant Start

  • No gas-oil mixing
  • No pull cords
  • No warm-up
  • No emissions
  • Freedom from cords

Comfort and Control

  • Ergonomically engineered to be light-weight & balanced
  • Large comfortable handles
  • Dual action design for low vibration
  • Variable speed throttle increases control and run time

Premium Blade Technology

  • 24″ blade for longer reach
  • Rugged and durable laser-cut precision cutting blades
  • Up to 3⁄4” cut capacity

Low Noise

  • 4 times quieter than a gas trimmer
  • Silent between trimming

The OREGON PowerNow battery platform is comprised of Lithium Ion Battery Packs and Battery Chargers that operate OREGON’s line of cordless tools. Featuring premium cell technology, the PowerNow battery packs are exclusive to OREGON. The platform provides the ultimate in power and performance. Lithium Ion technology provides for a better customer experience with features such as longer run times, constant no-fade power, no memory effect, and the ability for the battery packs to hold their charge for months in storage. The OREGON PowerNow Battery Packs can be fully charged and discharged up to 1000 times.

  • Constant No-Fade Power: Lithium Ion eliminates the issue of power fade found in other battery technologies as a battery’s charge runs down. Rather than a decreasing slope of power, lithium ion provides constant, full power until the very moment the charge is gone – which means the user gets full machine performance with every ounce of energy.
  • No Memory Effect: Lithium Ion provides a solution to the common problem of “battery memory” and allows the user to use, and charge at any level with no effect on the battery.
  • Holds Charge in Storage: OREGON’s premium Lithium Ion cells hold a charge for months at a time, with only a minor loss of energy. For example, after 5 months of storage off the charger, a fully charged OREGON battery pack will retain approximately 90% of its charge.
OREGON currently offers two PowerNow battery pack options: the 1.25 Ah B500S and the 2.4 Ah B400E with double the run time. OREGON also offers the C600 Battery Charger which charges the B500S in 1 hour and the B400E in 2 hours. Spring 2013, OREGON will also launch the C750 Rapid Charger which charges either battery pack in 30 minutes.
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