Ignite Attachments launches the Snow Pusher

Updated Mar 31, 2023
Snow Pusher
Ignite Attachments

Ignite Attachments, the newly launched brand of accessibly priced attachments and three point (3PT) implements for compact equipment in the agriculture, landscape, rental, and construction industries, is excited to announce the addition of a Snow Pusher attachment to its product lineup. Available via a digital, direct-to-consumer storefront, the Snow Pusher is designed to clear parking lots, driveways, building sites, and more with maximum efficiency.

The Ignite Snow Pusher attachment is built to last, featuring a corrosion-resistant finish that can stand up to harsh winter conditions and an 8-inch replaceable rubber cutting edge that offers long-wear surface protection and excellent scraping ability. Amplifying its durability even more the Snow Pusher’s skid shoes are replaceable, extending the longevity of the pusher, and reversible, doubling its lifespan and providing cost savings down the road.

As with all Ignite offerings the Snow Pusher is built to make your existing equipment more versatile, connecting to skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, and compact tractors equipped with the universal quick attach interface. For hard-to-reach spots, Ignite will offer an optional back drag kit to pull snow away from buildings. 

Front attach snow pusherIgnite Attachments

“We know the challenges that come along with winter weather. Critical areas with high foot and vehicle traffic need to be cleared of the snow, and quickly,” says Lead Engineer Matt Foley. “After a storm, jobs to do start coming in and can pile up swiftly. Folks need tools that help them complete the work faster and more efficiently. The Snow Pusher is designed for just that, delivering high volume capacity for maximum snow removal speed, plus the ability to clear larger areas with fewer passes.” 

With an e-commerce experience, transparent shipping pricing, and the proprietary Fit Finder, Ignite removes the guesswork from the shopping process and continues its promise of speed and efficiency. Now with 57 offerings under the Ignite umbrella, the brand will continue to innovate with new attachments and implements to meet consumer demands of hardworking business owners and homeowners across the country. 

For more information about the Snow Pusher, read the manual available here.

To learn more about Ignite, visit IgniteAttachments.com.

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