Seppi M debuts lighter offsetting mulcher for slopes, the L7 Flex

Seppi M L7 Flex Offsetting Mulcher for Tractors
The L7 flex is compatible with 80- to 160-horsepower tractors and replaces the SAV model.
Seppi M

Seppi M has debuted its newest attachment for mulching vegetation along riverbanks and roadsides, the L7 Flex.

A lighter version of its L9 Flex offsetting mulcher, the L7 Flex is compatible with 80- to 160-horsepower tractors and replaces the SAV model.

The attachment is available in 59-, 69-, 79-, or 89-inch cutting widths. It can shred mulch and bushes up to 2.8 inches in diameter and has a working speed of 1 to 6 miles per hour.

The mulcher can be tilted hydraulically during operation and can be raised up to 90 degrees and lowered up to 65 degrees. With side shift up to 37 inches to the tractor's right, the L7 Flex can safely and efficiently work away from the slope's edge.

The Space-Link suspension follows the ground's contour, allowing the machine to steer vertically when obstacles enter the mulcher’s path. When its time to move to the next job, a double joint allows operators to position the L7 Flex fully upright for transport. It can also rotate nearly 70 degrees downward for “extreme lateral movements.”

To protect the attachment from accidental impact, Seppi has equipped the L7 with its Flex-Safe anti-collision safety device to alert operators of obstacles and the Flex-Safe safety breakaway system. The L7 is constructed of high-tensile S420 steel with replaceable wear plates.

The Helix spiral rotor with Seppi SMO hammers uses minimal power while moving smoothly and evenly across the terrain, the company says. A standard, height-adjustable support wheel and large diameter roller under the base support the mulcher, making it easy to steer over uneven ground and change the cutting height.

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