Nemetschek and Adobe partner to improve software

The Nemetschek Group, the parent group of Nemetschek North America, and Adobe Systems Inc. will begin collaborating to improve document processes for architects and engineers. Nemetschek North America has already integrated Adobe PDF creation capabilities into its software program VectorWorks 12.5, and Nemetschek AG has added Adobe technology to Allplan.

Because of the licensing of the Adobe PDF Library Software Development Kit by Nemetschek, users can create Adobe PDF files from within VectorWorks and import PDF files into VectorWorks 12.5. These PDF files feature functions such as layers, searchable text and scale information. More integration of Adobe technology will be available in future software releases.

Increasing established PDF functions in CAD systems will enable architects and engineers to exchange drawings and project documents with clients and contractors more easily. Design, project and other drawings can be merged into a single PDF file, regardless of the different interface formats, allowing users to work more efficiently.

“The partnership with Adobe signals our intention to move beyond simple sharing of PDF files over e-mail and web services,” says Sean Flaherty, CEO of Nemetschek North America. “We see PDF and the integration between VectorWorks and the Acrobat product line as way to fundamentally improve the collaboration workflow with CAD and remove much of the current uncertainty when transferring documents between design partners.”

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