Second annual Quali-Pro research symposium provides field trial data

Quali-Pro held its second annual research symposium in August in Acme, Michigan. Researchers from seven universities presented field test results related to Quali-Pro products.

Quali-Pro products were tested against branded products, and all data showed Quali-Pro units performed equal to original branded products. Ron Calhoun of Michigan State University performed TNEX (trinexapac ethyl) field trials. His results showed that as outside temperatures increase, residuals in the plant decrease. In this case, more frequent applications work to lessen rebound and balance growth suppression. Tests on TNEX combos showed effective suppression and increased green up.

Dr. Rick Brandenburg of North Carolina State University discussed new insect pests like billbugs, annual bluegrass weevils, red imported fire ants and white grubs. Brandenburg gave two critical factors for controlling emerging pests: application timing and knowing exact life cycles of pests. Newer insecticides on the market contain lower toxicities to help the environment, so Brandenburg said they must be applied at the right stage in the pest life cycle to work properly.

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