Field Guide – September 2007

Semco brings the indoors into the outdoors
Semco’s full line of outdoor hardscaping products enables landscapers to create outdoor havens for their customers. Semco’s new entertainment island line allows landscapers to create custom islands for their customers. The company’s outdoor fireplace kits include all the pieces you’ll need to build a spectacular centerpiece in a customer’s backyard. Complement the look of an entertainment island or fireplace with the company’s natural stone veneer.

Attachment engineered for mid-mount commercial mowers
The Noah Mowing System is an attachment that allows a mower operator to trim around, under, between and along obstacles in the mowing path. The system mounts on the left corner of the main mowing deck and allows the trimming head to float up and down with the contour of the ground. As the operator approaches an obstacle, the bumper rolls and swings, reducing damage while it trims the grass.

Landscape classic available in pink or red
Dragon Wing begonias, long a landscaping favorite, provide vigorous growth in a wide range of summer conditions from Florida heat to cooler weather in Canada. With a unique arching and pendulous habit, this plant adapts well to hanging baskets, large containers and in-ground plantings. Dragon Wing varieties grow 12 to 15 inches tall and spread 30 to 36 inches.

Berkshire products aren’t just for trees
Berkshire Products manufactures various components to help anchor trees, fences, sheds, tents, equipment and picnic tables. According to the manufacturer, the new Berkshire Tree Tie webbing and Berkshire Earthwings tree anchors are fast, easy and economical and also provide everything a landscaper needs to stake a new or transplanted tree.

Heuchera ‘Mahogany’ new for 2008
Terra Nova Nurseries’ exclusive Heuchera ‘Mahogany’ boasts glossy mahogany foliage with a ruffle that presents dense, shiny color year-round. Foliage changes from purple tones in the spring to red tones in the summer. The ‘Mahogany’ thrives in full sun to partial sun in Zones 4-9. Dormancy is not required for growth.

Ground cover is ideal for year-round landscaping
GroundScape premium ground cover, made from clean shredded rubber, can be used as an alternative to sand, stones and pavers and as a natural-looking alternative to wood chips, bark and other mulches. Application of the recycled product lasts for years without replacement, and is warranted against total color loss for 10 years. It is available chipped or shredded and in either Brick Red or Rich Brown.

More than 100 aluminum grass catchers in Accelerator’s line
Accelerator Industries’ aluminum grass catcher line features more than 100 models, and the company is constantly developing new models to serve the ever-changing green industry. The Accelerator line includes three sizes: the 6.2 cu. ft. XL model, the 4.15 cu. ft. model and the 3.3 cu. ft. model. All catchers are made with 6061 aluminum and are lightweight, durable and rust-resistant.

Diesel engine provides ‘quiet power’ for landscaping trucks
Designed and built based on customer input, the new MaxxForce 7 engine redefines Class 5-7 commercial diesel performance. According to the manufacturer, the engine’s outstanding fuel economy allows landscaping businesses to lower operational costs while getting the job done. The MaxxForce 7 is built on International’s new 6.4-liter V-8 platform and is fully compliant with 2007 EPA emissions standards. The engine offers ratings between 200 to 230 horsepower at 2,600 rpm and 560-620 foot-pounds of torque at 1,400 rpm.

Dumper built for strength and durability
The Muck Truck pedestrian dumper offers high productivity yet is easy to maintain and simple to use. Powered by a Honda GXV160 5.5-horsepower engine, the 28-inch-wide Muck Truck has a /-ton payload with a 6 cu. ft. hopper that can be removed in seconds and used as a flatbed transporter. It has four forward speeds, reverse and four-wheel-drive to balance the machine on uneven terrain.

Versatile machine defines mulch beds
Brown Manufacturing’s Bededger is designed to easily define mulch beds by simply changing the rotor or digging attachment. This allows the operator to trench in different widths from 1/2 inch wide to 4 inches wide at depths up to 7 or 9 inches deep. Engines options include either an 8-horsepower Honda F-781H or a 9-horsepower Honda F-991.

Rakes built for the landscaping professional
Wolverine Products’ aluminum rakes are ideal for leveling sand base for paver brick projects, spreading soil and seeding yards. The rakes have extra-thick tines and a wrap-around brace for added strength. The aircraft aluminum handle is power-coated to eliminate blackening of the hands, and an extended striking edge increases versatility. The 66-inch-long handles have head widths of 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches.

Tennessee company offers mower replacement parts
Flail-Master, a factory-direct company, provides mower replacement parts for commercial mowers, flail mowers and heavy-duty rotary cutters. Trimmer lines, blade sharpeners, mowing chaps and other mowing accessories are also available.

Hook up to attachments without leaving your seat
John Deere’s new iMatch AutoHitch eliminates the hassle and frustration of attaching PTO-powered implements to compact tractors. With the iMatch AutoHitch, operators can easily hook up the PTO drive shaft of attachments without leaving their seat. The hitch is available as an option on new John Deere compact utility tractors, and dealers can retrofit it to existing tractors.

Retaining wall blocks offer aesthetic value
Stone Strong Systems’ main retaining wall system is based on a hollow block that is three feet tall, eight feet wide and 24 square feet on its face. The hollow cavity means less weight per square foot which translates into a faster, easier and less-costly installation, and the built-in drainage system requires no additional parts. The tapered sides allow for both straight and winding designs. The company offers three sizes of blocks, two custom patterns and the ability to match any color.

Fluid Film is environmentally safe
Fluid Film is a solvent-free, lanolin-based rust/corrosion preventive and a lubricant that provides long-term protection and lubrication for all metal surfaces. Fluid Film stops deterioration on contact, will not harm paint, plastic or rubber, resists water wash-off and will not burn foliage and turf.

Kawasaki trimmer now in California
The new Kawasaki KBL27BC blade-capable trimmer features two-stroke power, a 25 percent increased fuel efficiency compared with the previous model and is CARB Tier III approved. According to the manufacturer, the TJ27 engine has a 26.3cc displacement, is easy to start, and has a crisp throttle response, low noise and low vibration. Safety features include an oversized safety guard and an anti-kickback bar at the handle.

Ground cover system protects lawns from machine damage
TrakMats ground cover mat system, manufactured by SVE Portable Roadway Systems, is crafted from 100 percent HD polyethylene plastic so it won’t rot or break. The standard mats are a light color so they stay cooler in the summer and help prevent turf damage. Power cylinder cleats on both sides provide plenty of traction and hand cutouts enable easy handling. The mats are available in several sizes to meet any landscaper’s needs.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover