What you need to know before creating a website

Updated Jan 12, 2022

Landscaping websites can really run the gamut in terms of how they look and even how they function. But regardless of your style, the way to create an effective site is to ask this question: What will benefit my customers?

Green industry experts agree that the planning stage for a website is the most important, so take a look at what you need to know before creating a company website.

How do you want to use your website?

In many cases, landscapers want a website so potential customers can find them through a search engine, but think about what part of the sales process you want the website to serve. Lead generation is a common wish, but not always the most useful. Up-selling can be an effective tool, and usually, landscapers want to peak curiosities by directing them to a finished projects section of their website.

What are you driving the customer to do?

Your website should ultimately give the customer a call to action. Some landscapers want a phone call inquiry, while others want an e-mail. If the goal is to get a phone call, be sure to make the phone number very large on every page of the site. If it’s an e-mail or quote request you want, make that button or link very large. Sometimes, these can be located on the home page.

Provide key information

“If you are a new company, especially, you want your customer to be able to find you,” says Jennifer Lemcke, chief operating officer of Weed Man. “Let them know who you are, what you do, historical background on the company, the areas you serve and the services you offer.”

This information helps with search engine optimization and builds your company’s name and brand as an expert resource in your area. Keep in mind that you can also market very inexpensively using e-mail, which is why collecting a site visitor’s e-mail address can be vital.

How can you be more efficient?

What are the business and sales processes that take up your time? Can you move some of those tasks to a website?

“We have fact sheets about different turf diseases and pests on our website that landscapers or homeowners can access and read,” Lemcke says.

Choosing a domain name

Between 60 percent to 70 percent of landscapers have an existing site or name when they seek the help of a website design professional. If that’s not the case, these professionals can help come up with a name. It’s important that your site name be memorable, especially if you are marketing on the side of your trucks or on billboards. Remember: the domain name does not have to match your company name.

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