Tree Crews Go Out On a Limb to Repair Sandy’s Damage

Updated Feb 19, 2013

Paul Skerritt grew up three doors down from Richard Reid at 101 Bellevue Ave., climbing his backyard tree.

On (Oct. 31), he removed Reid’s toppled tree, which came down Monday afternoon together with one next door, taking part of Reid’s gutter and hovering over his deck.

“I thought it was coming right through the windows, but it didn’t.”

Precision Cutting Services of New Haven, Skerritt’s company, was one of many tree services on the job since Hurricane Sandy blew through, bringing trees crashing down onto houses, roads, cars and anything else in their way.

At “exactly 5 o’clock” Monday afternoon, said Reid, “all of a sudden it was like a microburst, and it just ripped this tree right out and the people next door’s tree right out all at the same time. Big loud crashing noises, naturally.”

Reid’s wife, Thelma, said, “I thought it was coming right through the windows, but it didn’t.” On the bright side, their view of Long Island Sound is that much better and “Rich won’t have as many leaves to rake,” Thelma Reid said.

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By Ed Stannard

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