Hanging Garden Built to Withstand Storms

Updated Feb 15, 2013

Take a stroll through the newest park in Dallas, and you’ll find lush landscape. Klyde Warren Park has a manicured lawn flanked by a children’s area and a performance pavilion, as well as water features

“Building a garden hanging garden 17 feet above an active freeway is a technical trick.”

But landscape architect Jim Burnett said this green space is unlike almost anything else in the country.

“We are on top of an active freeway with eight lanes below us moving,” he said.

Above the traffic sit 322 trees perfectly plotted and aligned 20 feet apart. The trees are planted in just four feet of nutrient-rich soil.

A special Styrofoam helps anchor the 904 shrubs and 3,292 plants populating the park.There’s also an irrigation system buried in the deck to keep the landscape thriving.

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By Eric Valadez

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