Peace Tree Farm, Cultivaris Intro Lavender Plant for 2014

Updated Jan 2, 2014

96BBZelPeace Tree Farm and Cultivaris have introduced a new plant for 2014.

Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ is an intermedia-type lavender that is hardy to Zone 5.

Lloyd Traven of Peace Tree Farm with his wife, Candy, discovered the plant while propagating thousands of lavenders for Carousel Farm Lavender from an intermedia selection made by Niko Christou.

‘Phenomenal’ demonstrates high disease resistance and can be grown from 1-quart to 3-gallon pots.  

The plant features silvery foliage and purple blooms.

 Lavender ‘Phenomenal’  Lavandula x intermedia â€˜Niko’ PPAF

Location: Full sun

Zone: 5-10

Height: 3- to 4-feet

Width: 2- to 3-feet

Flower: Vibrant purple

Foliage: Silver

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