Heritage Curb Gives ‘Old-World Look’ to Landscapes

Untitled10Williams Stone Company has introduced an all-natural, environmentally friendly granite curb.

The Heritage Curb features a rough split finish, and is designed to give an “old-world look” to projects.

These rustic curbing blocks provide protection for sidewalks, shoulders, driveways and yards. The rough-split finish also affords a level of protection for vehicle tires. 

The curb can even be recycled and used again as landscape plans change over the years.

Heritage Curb is made from William’s Blue-Sky granite, a blue-gray stone with split faces, split top and sawn sides. Block dimensions vary from 3- to 5-inches thick, 12- to 14-inches high and 12- to 18-inches long. Yield is approximately 30 linear feet per ton. 

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