What Clients Want in 2014

Photo: The Garden ArtistPhoto: The Garden Artist

As landscapers begin to start planning and designing outdoor living areas for clients in the spring, they should be aware of the top outdoor living trends for 2014.

According to Belgard Hardscapes, the 2014 outdoor living trends include:

Contemporary Design

Homeowners are seeking contemporary design. They are adding contemporary flair outdoors by mixing materials in their patios, walkways, driveways and garden areas, such as combining pavers with wood, natural stone or metal frames.

Rise of the Outdoor Chef

Outdoor cooking continues to grow in popularity, and it’s not just about the basic grill anymore. Homeowners are customizing their outdoor kitchens with virtually any indoor modern convenience that fits their lifestyle, from built-in gourmet cooking stations and brick ovens to wine coolers and beer taps. Flooring such as concrete pavers are not only easy to clean after outdoor cooking, but they provide the fire resistance needed to stand up to the heat in the kitchen.

Geometric Patterns Grow Underfoot

Reflecting the trend of geometric patterns in home décor, homeowners will incorporate patterns into their outdoor spaces. The varying shapes and colors of concrete pavers allow homeowners to create designs in their outdoor flooring as a décor accent or to create designated social spaces much like an area rug does inside the home.

Gardening Gets a Makeover

The 2014 Garden Trends Report says consumers are not only “decorating” their homes, but their gardens as well. Homeowners are creating visually appealing vegetable and floral garden areas that seamlessly integrate into their social spaces through landscape design of walkways, retaining walls and lighting.

Bigger is (Still) Better

Regardless of the size of a patio or driveway, homeowners are still gravitating to oversized pavers. Oversized pavers can make small areas appear more spacious, and large spaces take on a new look. This trend toward large pavers began in 2012 and continues to grow in appeal as homeowners look to make their outdoor living spaces more contemporary in design and function.  

Year-Round Outdoor Living

As homeowners make upgrades to their outdoor living spaces, they’re looking for additions that help them extend their outdoor season. Fire features such as fireplaces, fire pits, and fire tables allow homeowners to enjoy their patios in colder months, and lighting is being incorporated into walkways and stairways to guide the way after dark.

Spas Gain Appeal as Backyard Water Feature

Americans love their pools, but not quite as much as they enjoy their spas, which offer four-season outdoor usage. Kidney and oval shaped pools are being substituted by rectangular shapes, and water features such as waterfalls, ornamental pools and splash pools are growing in demand for landscapes.

Keeping the Environment in Mind

Homeowners continue to have access to landscaping products that are friendly to the environment. Some homeowners are marrying environmental benefits with aesthetics by using permeable pavers. On patios and pool decks, permeable pavement can feature built-in water spouts that allow for a design element or children’s play area, and on driveways permeable pavers help with drainage and stormwater retention. Drought conditions in some parts of the country have resulted in water restrictions, which have led to greater use of paver products instead of water intensive grass lawns.

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