BioSafe Insect Control Available in Smaller Sizes

BioSafe Insect ControlBioSafe Insect Control from BioSafe Systems is now available in smaller sizes.

Typically used in agriculture and horticulture industries, the BioSafe Insect Control is a 3 percent Azadirachtin.

The commercial strength formula is a non-toxic insecticide with active ingredients derived from neem seeds.

The insecticide repels insects on treated plants by inhibiting growth, feeding and reproduction.

Additionally, the insecticide can control more than 300 insects, including aphids, fungus gnats, mites, whiteflies, thrips, scales, stink bugs and more. 

BioSafe Insect Control can be applied and harvested the same day and comes with three ampoules, which is 96 fluid ounces total. It is also available in concentrate formula. 

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