Coxreels Intros 1600 Series Hand Crank, Motorized Hose Reels

Coxreels Tlc MagazineCoxreels debuted its 1600 Series hand crank and motorized hose reels.

The reel has a variety of component configurations, as well as comes in different sizes.

The 1600 Series offers a variety of drum and disc size combinations for many dimensions and hose length capacities and is currently available in 1- and 1.5-inch NPT, BSP or NST nickel-plated swivel inlets.

The reel features original add-ons and an all-welded “hybrid” frame with the strength of an “A” frame mounted on a box frame for structure.

Some options include a universal bracket to accommodate the bevel gear rewind system and hose guide rollers at various angles and three-gear ratio idler gears to reduce speed and increase torque on motorized versions.

There is also a three-way pin lock that can rewind, lock and disengage the reel for free unwind. 

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