Adjust Landscape Lighting On-the-Go with vPro Solid State Transformer App

9e19035e9c04f17c9c7e927b_300x336Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting unveiled an app to help operators adjust lighting at the touch of a button.

The vPro Solid State Transformer smartphone app is a LightFair International Innovation Award finalist and features a lightweight, stainless steel design.

Solid-state technology eliminates stepping for fluid lighting adjustments from zero percent to fully bright for any light source.

The app also provides multi-stage dimming of all loads, regardless of light source – LED or halogen – or lamp brand. The transformer is also self-adjusting to help with overload issues.

By using the app on a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device, operators can dim, brighten and program lights, set multiple programming options and manually override previous settings.

The transformer is available in single or double circuits with 75 to 100 watts.

Dual-zone output from one unit, multiple event times and override of all control aspects are also available. 

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