Landscaper Killed After Getting Pinned Between Dump Truck, Skid Steer

Police Car Lights Close UpA Delaware landscaper was fatally injured working on a jobsite.

The 47-year-old landscaper was standing behind a parked six-wheel dump truck placing a tarp over the truck’s bed when he was struck by a rear of a John Deere skid steer tractor, according to The News Journal.

The landscaper was pinned between the tractor and the dump truck.

He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The driver of the skid steer tractor was not injured.

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According to police, the investigation is still ongoing and charges are not expected to be filed. 

When crewmembers work around large pieces of equipment, there is a great risk of accidents, including getting pinned.

Being pinned between a bucket/lift arms and frame of a skid steer accounts for approximately 70 percent of fatal skid steer accidents.

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