XXpire WG Insecticide Designed to Control 39 Pests

X Xpire Product Shot

XXpire WG insecticide, which is available in 48 states, is an ornamental insecticide with two active ingredients that control both chewing and sap-feeding insects.

The insecticide from Dow AgroSciences combines spinetoram and Isoclast Active and is effective on 39 pests, including seven of the top 10 most troublesome ornamental insects.

Isoclast is a recently registered active ingredient and the sole member of the sulfoximine class of insect control agents. Spinetoram is a spinosyn insecticide that offers insecticidal activity and long residual control.

When used according to label directions, XXpire controls whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, lepidopterans, lacebugs, certain scales and thrips, and suppresses spider mites. XXpire is also soft on beneficials and gentle on more than 300 plants, including more than 100 ornamental species.

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