The Grounds Guys Florida franchise goes green by investing in propane-powered equipment

Updated Jan 22, 2015

Site LogoThe Grounds Guys of Boca Raton are going green.

The franchise owners Grant Peckham and Marie Mathieson have brought their 25 years of experience to South Florida.

“We have been researching the effectiveness of running propane-powered mowers instead of gasoline-powered machines, since we believe that we all can do something, even something small, to reduce emissions and help our environment,” Peckham says.

“We decided to purchase equipment designed for propane use rather than modify our current equipment. We are working with the Propane Education & Research Council, and we will provide them with our use data for the 12 months.”

Since its opening on Nov. 1 of last year, the franchise is already making the investments to be more suitable to the environment it serves. “We know propane dramatically cuts emissions of toxins and if each propane mower reduces our carbon footprint by 80- to 95-percent, then it’s important to try them out,” Peckham says.

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