Report sheds light on homeowners’ approach to projects

shutterstock_51764395HomeAdvisor released its 2015 True Cost Guide Report, which provides insight into how cost influences homeowners’ approaches to home projects. According to the report, almost half of homeowners surveyed will put off home projects – including landscaping – when they don’t have reliable cost information.

Knowing this can help you grow your landscape business. By providing homeowners with the information they crave, you can make them more likely to decide to move ahead with a landscape project. Leverage your website or run regular ads to show you have a wealth of information to help prospective clients determine what projects fit with their budget.

By providing this valuable service, you allow clients to view you as a landscaping expert and also build trust and confidence in their minds.

Other insights from the report include:

  1. Cost research determines “DIY or hire a guy”: Almost one-third of homeowners research project costs to understand if they received a reasonable bid. A quarter of homeowners research project costs to help with budgeting, and nearly 20 percent use the research to help them decide if they should do the project themselves.
  2. Cost matters, especially to millennials: More than any other age group, Millennials attempt to complete projects themselves when they think hiring a professional is too expensive (64 percent) or put a project off when they don’t know how much it will cost (52 percent).
  3. Homeowners hire more for maintenance, but spend more for improvements: In 2014, homeowners submitted 4 times as many service requests for home maintenance as they submitted for home improvement. However, at an average cost of $3,100, homeowners spent 6 times more on home improvement projects than they spent on maintenance, which averaged $500 per project.
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