California landscape designer creates steel focal points

Fowler at work on his next creation. Photo: davidfowlerdesigns.comFowler at work on his next creation.

Landscape architect David Fowler uses the typical tools of his trade – trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers and more – but he also incorporates unique and unexpected elements into his designs, such as steel and copper.

Fowler, whose business, David Fowler Designs, is based in Santa Rosa, California, creates original works of art to complement the landscapes he designs for clients. “Landscape sculptures can create a place for our eyes to rest as we look out at the garden,” Fowler told the Press Democrat. “A sea of green lawn, a hedge or row of trees doesn’t offer a focal point.”

Photo: davidfowlerdesigns.comPhoto:

Fowler discovered his passion for sculpture while getting his master’s degree in landscape architecture from Arizona State University. “I work primarily with mild steel, but I can also cut out pretty much any design imaginable out of copper, aluminum or stainless steel,” he writes on his business’ website. “I like the rawness of rusted steel, and how it blends into the environment.”

In addition to sculptures, Fowler creates water features, gates, wall art, lighting fixtures, shade panels and mailboxes. He writes, “Combining sculpture with design is a great way to add the ‘missing elements’ that so many landscapes need.”

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