U.S. gasoline prices continue to trend lower

Photo: AAAPhoto: AAA

With the average price for unleaded gasoline falling for 14 days straight, landscapers can look forward to the lowest Labor Day weekend gasoline prices since 2004.

The continued low price of crude oil has helped maintain the trend of lower gasoline prices. The national average price per gallon is $2.47, according to a AAA report issued Aug. 31.

The Pacific Northwest is still the most expensive area to purchase gasoline and Alaska has become home to the most expensive gas, at $3.40 a gallon on average. California had held this title for seven weeks straight.

South Carolina’s consumers currently are paying the lowest average in the nation at $2.02 per gallon.

The average price is down week-over-week in 49 states and Washington D.C. Utah is the only state to see a price increase over the past week, but only by 1 cent. Michigan currently leads with the most savings at 31 cents vs. the prior week, while 16 other states are enjoying double-digit savings.

In 47 states and Washington D.C. consumers have seen monthly savings from a dime to a quarter. California has seen the most savings in the past month, with a 41-cents-a-gallon decline. New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maine also saw substantial drops in the past month.

In yearly price comparisons, gasoline prices are $1 lower or more in 25 states, with Hawaii seeing the largest decline: $1.18.

Crude oil prices made a late rally at the end of last week. If that recovery sticks, the trend of lower gasoline prices could reverse in the coming months.

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