Geith’s new tilting coupler boasts of safety first

The design enables operators to pick up and change attachments from the cabs of their machines.The design enables operators to pick up and change attachments from the cabs of their machines.

Designed for use with excavators and backhoe loaders weighing between 6 and 26 tons, the new Geith tilting coupler allows operators to position the bucket or attachment more precisely without having to reposition the machine, the manufacturer says.

The tilting coupler provides up to 180 degrees of side-to-side rotation, depending on the model.

Featuring four independent locking components, the hydraulic quick coupler configuration meets both current and proposed safety standards (ISO/DIS 13031).

The front lock retains the attachment in the event of improper rear pin connection while the rear lock and mechanical spring system retain the attachment in a working position should a loss of hydraulic power occur.

Unlike gravity-type systems, Geith says, the front and the rear spring-retained locks maintain high functionality in severe and dirty environments.

Additional safety features include a curved engaging plate and a hydraulic cylinder check valve, as well as the “curl to release” control system that provides a safe process for attachment engagement and release.

The variable pin center design allows operators to pick up and change between a variety of OEM attachments from the cabs of their machines. Operators also have the ability to reverse bucket orientation when working in confined spaces, such as along walls or under pipes.

Headquartered in Slane, Ireland, Geith’s North American operations are based in Atlanta. The company designs and manufactures excavator attachments, including buckets, thumbs and quick couplers, as well as grapples and concrete crushers.

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