GIE+EXPO: Oregon promotes new products as time, energy savers

Updated Oct 25, 2015

Oregon_Logo_Pos_RGBOregon Cutting Systems is preparing to introduce a new trimmer line cutting system in January, according to company officials, who were on hand to display Oregon’s wares at GIE+EXPO this week.

Oregon says its Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System removes the time-consuming process of winding, spooling and cutting line to replace in a trimmer’s head. Instead, the operator can pop the custom trimmer head open, add a pre-wound disk of trimmer line and then snap the head back into place without having to worry about losing parts.

Changing the disks takes about 20 seconds on average, according to Oregon.

The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System uses pre-wound cartridges that take 20 seconds to load.The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System uses pre-wound cartridges that take 20 seconds to load.

“The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is designed to get professionals back to work and keep them working longer,” said Dale Marcell, senior global product manager for Oregon.

The trimmer head is also designed to have greater durability and to create cleaner and faster cuts. The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System will come out in three different sizes that are designed to fit more than 95 percent of gas-powered trimmer models.

Oregon also plans to introduce the SpeedCut bar and chain cutting system in 2016. The system has a 0.325-inch pitch narrow kerf saw chain and laminated guide bars that allow it to cut 10 percent faster than Oregon’s best narrow kerf 0.325-pitch saw chain. The bar is significantly lighter and the nose has been redesigned for improved durability, the company says.

“Designed to meet the demands of professional users, the lighter and faster SpeedCut System helps our customers accomplish more on the job,” said Derek Vlcko, director of product marketing for Oregon forestry products.

The lighter bar is made with an aluminum core to reduce fatigue and fatigue-related injuries. Though lightweight, Oregon says, the SpeedCut system’s rigidity and strength is assured, thanks to aerospace bonding technology.

For more information about Oregon Cutting Systems products, click here.

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