DeWalt’s new grinder improves safety, productivity, ergonomics

DeWalt grinderDespite its small size, an angle grinder can be a dangerous tool. DeWalt has taken a number of steps to eliminate or reduce the risks of using their new small angle grinder models, the DWE4222N, DWE4222 and DWE4224.

The auto brake on these tools stops the grinding wheel 50-percent faster than previous models. And what the company calls its “e­clutch” activates in less than a 10th of a second when a wheel pinch or stall is detected.

A redesigned dust-ejection system does not require power from the motor to operate so it’s still handling the dust even after the wheel stops spinning. In operation this feature filters airborne debris from the air around the motor, which helps protect the motor and extend the tool’s life.

Anybody who has used these tools for long periods knows that they can get hot. DeWalt addressed this challenge by increasing copper in the windings by 40 percent. The result is more power and about 30 percent less heat.

Despite the extra windings, the 194­-millimeter circumference of the grinders make them smaller than competitive models and easier to hold and position relative to the work.

A one ­touch guard can be positioned by hand in a single motion without need for a key or tool. The grinders accept 4.5 ­inch wheels and come with a lanyard­ ready connection so you can tether the tool to rigid structures. DeWalt’s suggested retail price is $159.

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