Classen overseeder covers more than 26,000 sq. ft. per hour

The machine’s 13 double-sided blades can be reversed, effectively doubling blade life. Photo: ClassenThe machine’s 13 double-sided blades can be reversed, effectively doubling blade life.
Photo: Classen

Schiller Grounds Care’s Classen brand has added a new self-propelled overseeder to its PRO line of equipment. The company claims its PRO HTS20 Hydro-Drive Overseeder produces 15 percent more seed rows than competitive units.

With the industry’s tightest blade placement, providing 13 seed rows in a 20-inch swath, the machine produces thicker, carpet-like coverage, Classen says.

The unit’s double-edge, double-blade reel spaces the blades only 1.5 inches apart. Depth can be set at any of 10 settings from 0 inches to 1.625 inches, enabling users to achieve better seed placement for refreshing existing turf, establishing new grass or tackling a weed problem.

Classen’s PRO Overseeder features a 40-pound-capacity floating seed box that follows the contours of the terrain – including bumps, dips or uneven areas – to ensure consistent seed placement.

The floating seed box also locks in place for hill or slope seeding, and an agitator inside the seed box breaks up clumps caused by dew and humidity.

Classen says the HTS20’s hydrostatic drive provides smooth power flow in forward and reverse. The machine has a 9-horsepower Honda engine and can cover as much as 26,400 square feet per hour.

The manufacturer says the overseeder’s turf-tread flotation tires provide the traction needed for slope seeding and produce less pressure per square inch than solid rubber tires, reducing soil compaction and tire ruts.

In addition, the 13 double-sided blades can be reversed to double blade life.

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