Landscapers with suspect’s name take heat for Mike Wallace assault

Updated Jun 27, 2016
The company who’s employee attack NASCAR driver Mike Wallace, is located in North Carolina. Yet the public has attacked ones in Florida. Photo: motorsports-soapbox.blogspot.comThe company who’s employee attack NASCAR driver Mike Wallace, is located in North Carolina. Yet the public has attacked ones in Florida.

In the wake of the news about NASCAR driver Mike Wallace’s attack, PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina, has ended its service contract with Lucas Lawn and Landscaping.

The attack occurred on Friday, June 17, in the pavilion’s parking lot after a Rascal Flatts concert. Three men were arrested after the assault of Wallace and his daughter, but a lawyer for the landscaping company says that only one of the men, Paul Lucas, is their employee.

Paul Lucas, is the son of the company’s late owner, Paul Douglas Lucas Sr. Police told Wallace that Friday’s assault was not the first time an incident involving these men has occurred at the PNC Music Pavilion.

“We were saddened by the regrettable events that took place on Friday, June 17,” PNC Music Pavilion said in a statement. “Upon learning that the offensive actions were taken by patrons who also happened to be employed by Lucas Landscaping, one of our service providers, we took swift and immediate action to terminate service provided by Lucas Landscaping at PNC Music Pavilion.”

According to public records, one of the other attackers, Nathan Lucas, is related to Paul Lucas, but it is not explained how. The Charlotte Observer reports that Lucas Lawn and Landscaping’s lawyer has declined to explain how the two are related.

As reports about the June 17 incident have spread, other landscaping companies with the name Lucas have become targets of criticism from people apparently mistaking them for the North Carolina company.

Lucas Lawn and Landscaping in Palm Bay, Florida, is just one of the companies that has been receiving the wrath of confused reviewers.

“Some people said, ‘You’re a piece of crap company,’ and others had more choice words,” John Lucas, owner of Lucas Lawn and Landscaping, told MyNews13.

John Lucas told the station he has spoken to other landscaping companies around the country with the name Lucas and they, too, have been on the receiving end of vitriolic comments.

“I’d like to have my name back, my business back,” he said. “I haven’t beaten up anybody, and I don’t plan to.”

Landscaper saves man from burning dump truck

A landscape worker in Conyers, Georgia, rescued a man from a dump truck when he saw it crash into a ditch and catch fire on Wednesday, June 22.

When a Ford Expedition traveling westbound swerved left to miss a vehicle that was turning out in front of it, the Ford entered the path of a dump truck traveling east. This caused the dump truck driver to swerve into a ditch in front of some apartments, according to the Conyers Police Department.

Landscape worker Raul Moreno noticed the wreck and rushed over when the truck burst into flames. Using a tool, he busted out the window and was able to pull the driver from the cab. The driver was taken to Rockdale Medical Center with minor injuries, according to the Rockdale Citizen.

Wisconsin landscaping company goes up in flames

 In the early morning on Wednesday, June 22, neighbors in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, began to report the sounds of explosions coming from a landscaping company.

The greenhouses remained intact during the fire. Photo: Oconomowoc Landscape Supply & Garden CenterThe greenhouses remained intact during the fire.
Photo: Oconomowoc Landscape Supply & Garden Center

Firefighters arrived at Oconomowoc Landscape Supply & Garden Center around 3:30 a.m. to battle the massive blaze. More than 200,000 gallons of water was trucked in because fire hydrants were not readily available.

Units from nearby towns such as Ashippun and Dousman also came to help. Officials with the Oconomowoc Fire Department report that the landscaping company’s showroom, offices and repair garage were all a total loss. The greenhouses remained intact despite the explosions.

“This is obviously a landscape company and had fertilizer, gasoline and fuel – so once the fire extended into the fuel storage area, we did have several explosions,” Dousman Fire Chief Brad Bowen told FOX6 News.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and members of the community are reaching out to see what they can do to help.

“It’s a whole lifetime for him, for Terry, the owner, and his kids,” said Neil Reimer, an employee. “We’re going to try to do something because it’s hard to let the (customers) down. They’re expecting their stuff.”

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