Snow and ice control company becomes year-round landscaper

Snowmen Inc. has become Snowmen365, allowing Jeremy Swenson to retain his employees all year long. Photo: Snowmen365Snowmen Inc. has become Snowmen365, allowing Jeremy Swenson to retain his employees all year long.
Photo: Snowmen365

The Grandview, Missouri, snow removal company Snowmen Inc. has rebranded and launched a new website to reflect the addition of year-round property maintenance services.

Snowmen Inc., now known as Snowmen365, has served the Kansas City area for more than 10 years, keeping properties such as office parks, retail centers and shopping malls clear of snow and ice.

snowmen365-logoWith this new expansion, Snowmen365 will offer services from turf application to lawn mowing, and from landscape architecture to tree trimming.

“It really is a natural extension of the business model we have developed over many years,” said Jeremy Swenson, CEO of Snowmen365. “We sit down with every client and ask questions, then we formulate a plan. As we execute the plan, we remain responsive because if there is one constant in business it is that things constantly change. We are prepared.”

Snowmen365 caters to commercial customers only, and has brought on a team of landscape management professionals who are well-versed in mulching, planting, hardscaping and irrigation installation. Swenson says that his employees are capable of creating everything from patios to retaining walls.

“This move will boost the size of my workforce by probably a third, but, most importantly, I will retain my employees all year, which has been my goal since the start.”

Swenson believes the expansion will strengthen his company. Many of his winter customers have already signed up for year-round contracts.

The Snowmen Inc. website will be phased out as people adjust to the new name.

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