Landscapers capitalize on customers’, their own love for dogs

Dogs enjoy landscaped spaces just like their owners. Photo: Richard Walker/FlickrDogs enjoy landscaped spaces just like their owners.
Photo: Richard Walker/Flickr

In the spirit of National Dog Day, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the companies that pay special attention to man’s best friend, and how you can possibly take advantage of that market too.

Some companies, like Greenhaven Landscapes based in Vancouver, Washington, know that people are searching for tips on dog-friendly yards so they outline the basics in a blog post and then provide a call to action for readers who are ready for someone else to do the work. Others try to cater to the do-it-yourselfers by helping in the design process.

Landscape Design in a Day in Portland, Oregon, is known for collaborating with owners to design a landscape plan that meets all their individual needs. Owner Carol Lindsay has 20 years of experience and has created many dog-oriented yards.

Different dogs have different needs and landscapers can take that into account when designing. Photo: fPat Murray/FlickrDifferent dogs have different needs and landscapers can take that into account when designing.
Photo: fPat Murray/Flickr

“The family dog is right there from the minute I step into a home and meet my human clients,” Lindsay writes. “In the same way as my human clients have needs and specifications, the family dog, depending on the breed and temperament, has needs as well. It is important to design for the whole family.”

Businesses like Northwest Botanicals Inc. in Seattle, Washington, and FiveSTAR Landscaping in Sacramento, California, have dog-friendly landscaping listed as a basic service. This can resonate well with customers, as it signals to them that not only is this an area in which the company is competent but also that the landscaper truly cares about the dog’s health and happiness.

FiveSTAR Landscaping even offers to install agility training courses for clients who are serious about coaching their dogs.

In the Southwest, where long-term drought has made natural turf yards harder to find, companies such as Desert Greenscapes in Las Vegas and Sunburst Landscaping Inc. in Peoria, Arizona, say you can have a desert-friendly landscape that is dog-friendly too by using artificial turf.

Sunburst Landscaping is an authorized dealer for EasyTurf, which offers specialized artificial turf designed with dogs in mind. To back up their claims, they point to renowned dog whisperer Cesar Millan as an EasyTurf customer.

“Here at the Dog Psychology Center, we have a lot of land to cover,” Millan says in the company’s advertising. “EasyTurf was the best choice for us and is the best choice for your pack.”

Some landscaping owners channel their love of canines by offering special discounts. KG Landscape Management in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is part of the Minneapolis “I Love My Pet” program and gives a $20 discount on first-time purchases of $100 or more.

Owner Kent Gliadon also brings his dog to work and he isn’t the only company owner who believes in bringing furry friends to the office. President Jeff Schwartz of Ashton Manor Environmental in Ashton, Maryland, has his black Labrador retriever present to provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Schwartz’s dog Ovie is well-trained and able to put dog anxious people at ease.Schwartz’s dog Ovie is well-trained and able to put dog anxious people at ease.

“He adds spontaneity and a positive distraction from the stress of business for the staff,” Schwartz said. “He can be found playing soccer with the employees or sometimes wandering around to visit office staff. On jobsites, he can entertain inspectors and provide a few moments of ‘social’ conversation with prospective clients.”

TurfMutt, the environmental education and stewardship program for children, also has a special connection with dogs, as the program’s mascot is Lucky the TurfMutt. In honor of National Dog Day, the program has decided to “paw it forward” by supporting animal rescues through sponsorships, such as the upcoming Fido-Friendly cross-country pet adoption tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66.

“As a long-time supporter of animal rescue, Lucky and I also encourage people to consider adopting a dog and giving it a forever home whenever possible,” said Kris Kiser, Lucky’s owner and president and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). “Then, every dog can become a TurfMutt and start ‘pawing it forward.’”

OPEI sponsors the TurfMutt program.

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