The importance of mentorship in the landscaping industry

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Updated Mar 11, 2019

mentorshipMentorship is important in any relationship, job or company and landscaping is no exception. While you may find it easier to go it alone some days and do your work solo, it’s important to remember that there is always something new to learn if the right teacher is found.

Whether you’re starting a new job or business, or looking to grow and expand your existing company, the guidance of a mentor can help boost professional and personal growth and success.

“The key that made the difference in my company’s performance was understanding through my mentor that, the moment I became a true leader for my employees, I would be able to develop more people like me, leading my company towards progress and success,” says Rafael Diaz, co-founder and president of Diaz Group.

Learning with and from a mentor can not only help you with your work experience, it can also open doors for you in the world of networking, your mentor can help give you more guidance in your craft and from that guidance you gain more confidence to strive for excellence each day.


A mentor is someone who has been there, done that, got the t-shirt and has lived to tell the tale. They are the ones who have walked the path towards achieving their goals, and this gives them the insight to offer a broader perspective because of their experiences.

While their advice may be challenging sometimes, those opportunities are the ones that can force a person to grow professionally by getting out of his/her comfort zone. A mentor can also share their knowledge and save you the trouble of making the same mistakes they did.


Whether you realize it or not, networking is fundamental and is one of the most important factors in professional success. The relationships that emerge along your career path are some of the most vital ones you can establish, and mentors are typically the ones who introduce you to these new and important connections. Continue to meet and greet whenever possible, and don’t be afraid to collaborate with people in your network to complete a task and work toward a common goal.


Mentors also serve as inspiration and can be that unshakable rock you lean on when you have no idea what to do next. There are going to be difficulties in your career path, that we all know, but having a mentor with your best interest at heart who can can pick you up when you fall is such a relief. Remember though, a good mentor is not someone who makes all of the decisions for you. Mentors act as a guide to help you figure out what to do and what paths and ideas you can develop for the future.


Maria from The Sound of Music knew a thing or two about the importance of confidence, and it just so happens that confidence is needed more than most people think. A mentor acts as your biggest cheerleader and gives you the boost you need when you might not truly feel it on your own. When a project seems too complicated or business isn’t booming, it’s easy to get discouraged and down, but this is where your mentor comes in. A good mentor is able to both inspire and remind a person of his/her talents and potential. By pointing these out, it’s easier to find the best way to handle tough situations.

“In my experience, the biggest and most important aspect of a mentor is teaching mentees the importance of believing in themselves, their capacities and potential, leading them to become an inspiration for others,” says Diaz.

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