Landscape lighting roundup: VOLT Lighting introduces first estate line product

Photo: VOLT LightingPhoto: VOLT Lighting

VOLT Lighting has launched a new low voltage path light that not only illuminates, but also decorates the space with light and shadow.

The patent-pending ShadowMaster is different from other lights that project patterns as it is the first to be configured as a stem-mounted path light. It is also designed for larger homes and properties with its grandiose style and scale, making it the first of VOLT’s new line of Estate Lights.

It features a black filigree scrollwork, beaded shade and crown finial.

“As a former tattoo artist, I envisioned (then sketched) elegant filigree scrollwork that would dominate both the daytime appearance and the nighttime projected patterns,” said Jesse Harper, product development manager and principal designer of the ShadowMaster. “It wasn’t easy to translate my vision into a manufactured product, but through hard work (and some trial and error) we managed to accomplish that goal.”

The light uses a single LED under the shade and consumes only 1.5 watts.

Steve Parrott, communications director for VOLT Lighting, admitted to being uncertain if he would like the lighting effect until he saw it in person.

“Before visiting the site, I didn’t know whether or not I would like the effect,” he said. “Then I entered the driveway – to my left and right, the path light stood as stately pillars. Their projected light spilled onto the driveway and road – the patterns of light and shadow a sophisticated and tasteful welcome to the property.”

VOLT Lighting will continue to develop its estate line of landscaping lighting path lights. For more information on the ShadowMaster, click here.

BlissLights products create unique lighting opportunities

For clients that want a colorful lighting display, but not a lot of engineering, BlissLights offers a series of simple solutions.

BlissLights combines holographic technology with simple colors to create the twinkling effects of millions of fireflies covering an area. The company offers several different products including the FireFly.

Photo: BlissLightsPhoto: BlissLights

The FireFly is offered with in COLOR which creates stationary pinpoints and MOTION which features a moving firefly effect. The pinpoints come in blue, red, green and purple while the LED light allows the user to choose between one fixed color or have it flash, fade or morph through the rainbow.

A single light covers 2,500 square feet and is equipped with a built-in timer so the BlissLights product will turn off automatically at the end of the night. The LED and laser are controlled through a remote control.

According to the company, BlissLights is also ideal for instant holiday lighting. The products include a 1-year warranty. For more information about the artistic lighting company and its products, click here.

Lightcraft Outdoor promotes its 2017 product line

Lightcraft Outdoor will be introducing its new 2017 product line at several different tradeshows throughout the year.

Photo: Lightcraft OutdoorPhoto: Lightcraft Outdoor

The first show it will be at is the 2017 HD Hospitality Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 3 to May 5. It will also be exhibiting during the 2017 Long Beach Landscape Expo in Long Beach, California from October 4 to October 5 and the Landscape Architect Expo in Los Angeles, California, from October 20 to October 23.

Some of the products the company offers includes the 12V AC LED Surface Mount LED Step Light Series which mounts flush with no electrical box and features heavy cast brass. It can be mounted with or without a backplate. It is dimmable with a 12V DC dimmable LED transformer.

It also sells 12V AC 1W and 2W LED Niche Lights. These lights are ideal for steps, stairs, niches and retrofits. It is easily to install with clip or construction adhesive. It is dimmable as well.

For more information on Lightcraft Outdoor, contact the company here.

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