Popular projects: Are they worth the money?

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Updated Mar 24, 2021
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There are many popular and commonplace projects that landscaping companies perform on an almost daily basis, but many customers may question whether some of these services are necessarily worth the money they are shelling out.

We’ve listed a few of the most common landscaping jobs and their estimated prices to help you better explain to your customers which ones are necessary, which ones they may be able to pass up and which ones could help a home’s resale value.

Lawn seeding

Lawn seeding is one of the least-expensive projects on this list and also gives your customers the most bang for their buck as far as percentage basis goes. The estimated cost runs about $120 and calls for seeding 1,000 square feet of lawn. This project can add a resale value of approximately $500.

Outdoor fireplaces  

This kind of project calls for the installation of a wood-burning fireplace with a gas starter. They are typically made of veneered masonry stone with two wood boxes on the sides. This upgrade is unique and functional, but it may not necessarily give your customer the best payoff in the end. This is more of a decoration-based choice, as it is more expensive. The estimated cost can be around $13,300, and it can add a resale value of approximately $8,000. 

Installing plantings and walkways

Depending on what all is installed, this project can have an estimated cost of $4,750. It’s typically done to enhance curb appeal, and you can build a 30-foot-long, 3-foot-wide natural flagstone walkway. Depending on your customer’s preference, you can also talk to them about adding a pair of 6-foot-by-2-foot stone planters and a few shrubs and trees. This project can create an added resale value of approximately $5,000.

Sod the lawn

This project will entail putting down about 1,000 square feet of sod and is estimated to cost about $700. Before homes are put on the market, almost one-fifth of realtors will ask sellers to have their lawns sodded. It can create an added resale value of approximately $1,000.

Taking care of the lawn

This kind of project could run at about $330, and this is the estimated price for 5,000 square feet of lawn with six applications of fertilizer and weed control. This type of home maintenance is recommended by three-quarters of realtors to those wanting to sell their homes, and it can add an estimated resale value of $1,000.

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