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Updated Jun 12, 2019
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Convincing customers to give your landscaping business a try is usually not an easy task, but another equally as daunting task is convincing business owners that they need your services at their workplace as well.

Landscaping services are not strictly for residential areas, and letting your business-owning customers know that could potentially help you both gain new clients.

When a potential customer comes to a place of business for a consolation, meeting, etc., the first thing they will notice is the outside of the building. If the exterior of the building is not inviting, well-groomed or creative-looking, customers may not give that company the time of day.

It may seem like a foreign concept to some of your customers, but curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. You, as a business owner and landscaper, know this better than anyone. When talking to your business-owning customers about revamping the grounds of their corporation, keep the following suggestions in mind.

Helps attract more clients

As we said earlier, first impressions matter so much when it comes to bringing in new business, and this is especially true when it comes to the grounds around a business.

Having a well-kept and eye-catching landscape can help drive business by offering an open and welcoming atmosphere. Studies have proven that many customers frequent businesses more often when they have trees, flowers and shrubbery planted out front.

Talk to your customers about their business and what kind of look they are going for. There isn’t a business owner alive who would willfully want to turn away customers, so giving them these beautification tips could help bring in more clients for them.

Standing out  

It’s no secret that for every business out there today, there are at least 10 more just like it, and sometimes these competitors are located very close. The thing you want to stress to your customers is that they want to be sure to stand out with their appearance.

Businesses that offer a more tasteful and unique look are more likely to attract customers. Be sure to communicate the importance of making it easy to find as well. Suggest designs that will easily draw customers to the entrance of the establishment, and keep them from aimlessly having to wander around in search of someone to help.

Roadside studies have shown that when establishments have entryways that are easily designated with trees and vegetation, more customers are able to find the business and spend their time there.

Don’t forget to harness the framing power of small trees and flower beds when talking to your customers about signage. Whether it’s the main company welcome sign or just a smaller sign pointing customers in the right direction, catching their eyes with beautiful flower beds can help get them more interested in what the business is doing.

Property value

We’ve talked before about how adding foliage and other plants can not only increase the look of the property, but also the value of it.

When a property looks beautiful and well-maintained, Tree People say the property values can rise as much as 15 percent. Studies also show that the more trees, plants and landscaping a business has, the more likely it is that business will flow in. Tree-lined streets will also cause traffic to slow, which will allow drivers and passengers to take in the sights of the store fronts as they pass by.

According to Ambius, studies have shown that green walls can increase a commercial building’s property values by up to 20 percent, and they can help clean the air and absorb pollutants from the environment.

Improve the health and happiness of employees

Not only do flowers, plants and trees brighten up the landscape, they also can brighten the demeanor of employees. When employees are happier to be in the office, they are more inclined to work at top performance. It was also reported that it can also help the health of employees by reducing stress and other stress-related health complaints.

The Journal of Experimental Psychology says that, “investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.”

The study also showed a 40 percent increase in workplace satisfaction, and experts encourage employers to also invest in outdoor landscapes and garden spaces for employees to visit during the day.

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