Oregon adds mowers and multi-attachment system to its 40V cordless line

6.0 Ah battery Photo: Oregon6.0 Ah battery
Photo: Oregon

Oregon has expanded its selection of 40V cordless products to include the LM300 and LM400 lawn mowers, the Multi-Attachment System and the 2.6 Ah and 6.0 Ah batteries.

The two added batteries with increased ampere-hour ratings boost the overall watt hours, or how much work each battery can do. Both are compatible with all Oregon 40V tools. The 2.6 Ah runs 8 percent longer than the 2.4 Ah battery, while the 6.0 Ah battery runs 50 percent longer than 4.0 Ah battery.

The 2.6 Ah battery is available in the E6 kit while the 6.0 Ah battery is available in the R7 kit.

LM300 mower Photo: OregonLM300 mower
Photo: Oregon

“The new additions to our cordless line for 2017 bolster what is already a very robust line of battery-powered 40V tools,” said Josh Huffman, director of global product marketing for outdoor power equipment at Oregon. “As more homeowners and neighborhood associations become noise conscious, the need for professional grade battery-powered equipment is growing.”

The two lawn mowers, the LM300 and LM400, both come with a brushless motor and six cutting positions.

The LM300 has a 16-inch cutting diameter and holds 13.2 gallons of debris. It can mow 7,000 square feet with one 6.0 Ah battery. The LM400 features a 20-inch cutting diameter and can bag up to 15.8 gallons. With two 6.0 Ah batteries, it can mow 10,000 square feet.

Oregon’s multi-attachment system polesaw attachment Photo: OregonOregon’s multi-attachment system polesaw attachment
Photo: Oregon

As for the Multi-Attachment System, this tool just came out last month and offers customers the ability to create a custom tool set for their specific needs. They can choose to add attachments such as a string trimmer, hedge trimer, pole saw and edger.

The string trimmer attachment features a 14-inch cutting diameter and has an RPM of 5,550 r/min. The hedge trimmer has a 15-inch blade and can lock into seven positions with a 120-degree rotation.

The pole saw comes with a 10-inch Oregon bar, ¼ pitch chain and can reach 8 feet 11 inches with extension. The edger attachment uses an 8-inch cutting Oregon blade.

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