Husqvarna releases new products at 2017 GIE+EXPO

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Updated Oct 30, 2017
Husqvarna demonstrates its Automower 310 at the 2017 GIE+EXPO. Photo: Beth HyattHusqvarna demonstrates its Automower 310 at the 2017 GIE+EXPO.
Photo: Beth Hyatt

Last week at the 2017 GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky, Husqvarna introduced several new products that the company says are designed to make lawn and garden care more productive and intuitive for operators.

A new model for their Automower robotic mower series was presented, as well as portfolio expansions for the company’s lineup of battery-powered products and new chainsaws and chainsaw accessories for pro-grade landowners and farmers.

“Husqvarna provides landowners with the latest cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver powerful and efficient outdoor power equipment,” said Jeff Dewosky, vice president and general manager of Husqvarna North America. “Our products reflect decades of research and best-in-class quality and design, spanning from professional to landowner products.”


In 2018, Husqvarna plans to release the newest model in its Automower lineup, which the company says positions it to further dominate the robotic mower market with new technology and products designed for new audiences.

Photo: Beth HyattPhoto: Beth Hyatt

With an MSRP of $1,499.95 (install kit sold separately), the Automower 310 can serve 0.25 acres and slopes up to 22 degrees. This model also features “Connect from Home,” the Automower’s new connected Bluetooth functionality.

Husqvarna says the existing Automower 315 model will see a competitive price drop to MSRP $1,799, install kit sold separately, and will now serve up to 0.4 acres.

The Automower X-line will be introduced next year, which the company says makes the Automower Connect app standard for those models. This app allows owners to control the mower from their smartphone no matter where they are, according to Husqvarna. The app works for Android and iOS devices and lets owners receive their Automower’s current status and change settings remotely.

The app also transmits the Automower’s precise GPS-tracked location in the event of a theft.

Chainsaw upgrades

 The company says it will give its 400 e-series saws a full upgrade in 2018.

Photo: HusqvarnaPhoto: Husqvarna

Husqvarna says the 435e (MSRP of $269.95), 440e (MSRP of $299.95), 445e (MSRP of $329.95), 450e (MSRP of $369.95) and 450e Rancher chainsaws (MSRP of $399.95) will all feature improved start-ability through Smart Start for low rpm ignition, a slimmer saw body and features such as flip-up tank cups, snap-lock cylinder covers and quick release air-filters that the company says makes them easier to maintain.

Additionally, Husqvarna also introduced new saw accessories for the pro-grade expert product segment. The company says its new X-Cut SP33G low-vibration pixel saw chain will make its debut in the United States this fall.

Husqvarna says this is the first model of the new line of X-Cut chains that the company will roll out in the U.S. over the next few years, and it is available for a limited selection of its 400 and 500 series saws.

Photo: HusqvarnaPhoto: Husqvarna

According to Husqvarna, the X-Cut SP33G is the company’s first-ever chain designed, developed and manufactured from the materials to final product in the company’s production facility in Sweden.

The company says that the carefully engineered thickness of the chrome layer ensures a lasting sharpness and a high capacity, and the chain requires less power from the saw than the standard cutting systems.

The company says that this product delivers an optimal cut due to its unique cutting angle design, making for a long-lasting chain while the increased sharpness lets users get the job done in less time.

Stand-on, zero-turn, hydro-walk mower

Photo: Beth HyattPhoto: Beth Hyatt

Available with a 48- or 54-inch commercial ClearCut deck, Husqvarna says the V548 (MSRP of $8,499.95) and V554 stand-on mowers (MSRP of $8,799.95) provide excellent grass cutting and management, ensuring efficient operation throughout.

Husqvarna says that industrial-strength drive systems combined with heavy-duty construction deliver long-lasting operation in any commercial application, and are backed by Husqvarna’s 5-year limited commercial warranty.

Husqvarna says their new zero-turn mower series consists of 11 products, four Z500 models and seven Z500X models, ranging from the Z548 (MSRP of $7,799.95) to the Z572X (MSRP of $12,499.95).

Photo: Beth HyattPhoto: Beth Hyatt

The company says this product stands out with its weld-reinforced 2-by-3-inch tubular steel frames, 7- or 10-gauge cutting decks and 10-inch diameter spindles, all protected by Husqvarna’s 5-year limited commercial warranty.

The company also announced a new line of commercial zero-turn mower blades featuring Fisher Barton’s laser edge cutting technology. Husqvarna says these blades feature long-lasting sharpness, reducing downtime for lawn care professionals and increasing cut quality and fuel efficiency due to the laser edge.

The new blades will be available for the M-ZT 52- to 61-inch decks as well as the 54- to 72-inch decks of the P-ZT, PZ, and the new Z500 and Z500X series.

Battery products

With an MSRP of $399.95 (battery and charger sold separately), Husqvarna says the 536 LiHE3 hedge trimmer was designed for commercial-grade use and compliments the existing 536LiHD60X by offering a slightly shorter 22-inch knife, an extended shaft and an articulating cutting head.

With its new BLi100 (MSRP: $129.95), BLi200 (MSRP: $199.95), BLi300 batteries (MSRP: $299.95), Husqvarna introduced a new line of lithium-ion technology that will replace the current models. The company says these offer faster charge times (50-80 minutes), higher capacities and 100Wh, 200Wh and 300Wh respectively.

Husqvarna BLi200 battery Photo: HusqvarnaHusqvarna BLi200 battery
Photo: Husqvarna

Offering the same innovative backpack design that is comfortable to wear even through long shifts, Husqvarna says the BLi550X (MSRP or $599.95) and BLi950X (MSRP of $949.95) backpack batteries will power equipment with 550Wh and 950Wh respectively.

These batteries, Husqvarna says, also work with existing harnesses and provide long-lasting power and top-class performance. This, the company says, allows professionals to work efficiently with fewer breaks for changing batteries.

Designed for fast and efficient charging of bigger batteries, as well as the company’s first voltage inverter, Husqvarna introduced the QC500 charger (MSRP of $199.95) and the Vi600F (MSRP of $229.95), for infield battery charging using a standard plug.

Fleet Services system

In early 2018, the company will also introduce its cloud-based Fleet Services system, which connects lawn and tree care operators and their entire fleet of machines directly to an online portal or mobile app via Bluetooth.

This, Husqvarna says, will enable professionals to have insights into their operations at their fingertips. Husqvarna Fleet Services captures machine status data, translating it into valuable information that can be used to help boost productivity and improve the bottom line by mounting a small wireless machine sensor to an outdoor power product.

“As the masters of cutting, we are the only company that can equip your entire professional trailer as a one-brand solution,” said Dewosky. “Wheeled, handheld, gas, battery and robotics – we now have the full portfolio to support commercial lawn and tree care professionals with products that are exceptionally well designed and provide high performance, easy serviceability, long-lasting durability.”

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