New Holland debuts new CTL at GIE+EXPO

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Updated Oct 23, 2018
New Holland C245 Super Boom compact track loader Photo: Beth HyattNew Holland C245 Super Boom compact track loader
Photo: Beth Hyatt

New Holland came to this year’s GIE+EXPO ready to showcase their new C245 Super Boom compact track loader, which the company says offers the highest level of performance in a New Holland Construction vertical lift machine.

With an operating capacity of 4,500 pounds and breakout force of 9,188 pounds, New Holland says it’s the largest, most powerful compact loader yet for the company.

“What we’re really known for is our breakout force in lifting capacity,” Ryan Anderson, SSL/CTL product marketing specialist, New Holland Construction, said at the tradeshow. “With this bigger unit now, we’re at 9,200 pounds of lifting force. So, as we are indeed an agriculture manufacturer too, we’re telling guys the heavier the bale, the better. Part of the reason why we’re able to lift so much and be so powerful in that regard is our center of gravity. The way we have our machine designed on the inside, the weight is distributed perfectly to give us a nice, stable lift up off the ground.”

The company says the C245 not only reaches higher and delivers more power and lift capacity, but the rugged construction, stable ride and visibility allow operators to work with more confidence and speed.

“The trend in the industry is for larger machines that are capable of doing more work in a shorter amount of time,” says Doran Herritt, construction product marketing manager. “Whether loading gravel into a truck, stacking dense, heavy bales, placing pallets of brick, block or sod or lifting and carrying other heavy materials, the bigger, beefier C245 is exceptionally productive.”

The company says their patented, vertical-lift super boom design provides high lift capacities, long forward dump reach and fast cycle times and New Holland adds that the machine reaches up and down cleanly into the center of high-sided trucks and hoppers. The company says operators can empty the bucket faster and easier to increase cycle times.

“Comfortable operators get more work done,” notes Herritt. “And better visibility allows safer and more efficient work. This is an area where the C245 really stands out from the crowd.”

C245 Super Boom compact track loader Photo: New HollandC245 Super Boom compact track loader
Photo: New Holland

Outfitted with a cab with plenty of head and foot room, New Holland says it’s one of the industry’s widest and most comfortable cabs. The company says the cab’s outstanding visibility gives operators a clear view of the job site with ample car glass and the thin side screens. The company adds that new steel front work lights with side lamps deliver extra visibility during nighttime operations.

“Our big separating thing as far as everything that we do from skid steers to CTLs is our visibility,” said Anderson.“There’s nothing impeding the vision of the operator in the back window. Normally what you’ll see in other brands is two towers and a center bar that will be right up in between, even in a lower position. That’s something we really like to hang our hat on.”

New Holland says the long wheelbase on the C245 allows operators to lift and haul more material, and the low-profile undercarriage design extends track life and provides a smoother ride. This, the company says, is because of the steel-embedded tracks running on rubber instead of steel.

“With a long wheelbase and a low center of gravity, New Holland compact track loaders are exceptionally stable,” Herritt says. “Even novice operators can work with confidence.”

The company says the C245 has the same flip-top cab as all other New Holland units in the skid steer and compact track loader line.

“Maintenance is always more likely to be taken care of when it’s easy to do,” says Herritt.

The company says that routine service points like the engine oil fill and dipstick, air filter, oil cooler, radiator, coolant overflow, fuel filter and oil filter are accessible by opening the engine compartment rear door, and the entire cab assembly flips forward and out of the way to open the machine up wide if more service access is needed.

E57C CTL Photo: New HollandE57C CTL
Photo: New Holland

New Holland also spoke of their full line of compact excavators, which they say deliver big digging power among seven models ranging from 1.7 to 6.0 metric tons. The company says each model offers extended life components, liquid-cooled industrial Tier 4 final compliant diesel engines, an auto-shift traveling system and lower noise levels.

“Our previous mini excavator family has been upgraded to the new C-Series, which further expands our offering and gives customers more power, productivity and value from their equipment,” says Herritt. “Each model is designed with the customer in mind to improve work efficiency and ensure reliability, without limiting the power and torque needed to get the job done.”

The company says the seven-model lineup doubles the size of New Holland’s former compact excavator offering and includes E17C, E26C, E30C, E33C, E37C, E57C and E60C. Each of the C-Series excavators, the company says, provides power and optimal performance and productivity in restricted areas and congested work sites.

Performance features include:

  • Rail and inter-locking type track
  • Auto shift travel system automatically downshifts when a load is sensed to increase torque and upshifts once the load is no longer sensed
  • Auto idle capability to automatically idle when the operator does not give input to the control handles and returns to throttle setting when the operator moves the stick
  • Top of class ground clearance and excellent dozer blade lift height
  • Variable undercarriage (E17C) retracts for entry through tight egresses and then extends for stability
  • ESL (Engine Start Limit) System (anti-theft) ensures passcode is required to start engine and time between engine starts can be manually set

The company says these mini excavators feature serviceability and convenience while the design boasts easy access to the engine compartment for daily checks, a switch layout, easy-to-read cluster, touchscreen monitor (E57C and E60C) and a wide, spacious cab.

New Holland adds that the excavator cab features forward visibility with excavator-style windows and a removable lower window. The machine also features retractable windows on the right side and the company says that rear mirrors on both sides improve all-around visibility.

Additionally, New Holland says the cab is optimized for a comfortable operating experience and offers features like an ergonomically designed suspension seat, adjustable armrests and a spacious environment.

E57C CTL Photo: New HollandE57C CTL
Photo: New Holland
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