Earthquake shows off mini-cultivator line at GIE+EXPO

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MC43 mini-cultivator Photo: EarthquakeMC43 mini-cultivator
Photo: Earthquake

At this year’s GIE+EXPO, Earthquake showcased the MC43, MC33 and MAC mini-cultivators.

“When it comes to outdoor power equipment, users want to get their work done with real tools that deliver real value,” said Kirk Hyatt, manufacturing engineering manager, Earthquake. “The MC43, MC33 and MAC cultivators deliver value with the ease of use, reliability, durability and affordability that users have come to expect from Earthquake since 1960.”

The company says its mini-cultivators can weed, mulch, work in fertilizer and aerate soil, and with their lightweight and compact size, the company says they are easy to use and their low center of gravity gives them ground hugging control.

Featuring Viper 43cc and 33cc engines, Earthquake says the mini-cultivators deliver plenty of power to get the job done, and they add that their advanced air filtration systems protect the engines from damaging dust and dirt.

Earthquake says the MAC is the lightest, most compact, efficient and affordable cultivator in the company’s lineup, and they say it works even in the tightest garden spaces. The front bumper, according to Earthquake, protects the engine from fence posts and other obstacles, and it serves as a stand for neatly storing the MAC.

The company says the MC33 combines the efficient, right sized engine of the MAC with the convenience of an adjustable wheel set, like the MC43. Earthquake says the MC43 boasts the highest horsepower in the company’s mini-cultivar lineup.

Earthquake also announced they will offer a 5-year warranty on its outdoor power equipment.

“Typical warranties for outdoor power equipment are 1-3 years. We stand behind our products with a 5-year warranty,” says Hyatt. “The Earthquake warranty gives retailers a compelling competitive advantage because it gives their customers solid confidence in purchasing Earthquake products.”

The company says that Ardisam, Inc. warrants Earthquake products under a 5-year limited warranty to be free from defects in the material, workmanship or both. For products with Viper engines, Earthquake says the 5-year warranty also applies to the engines while their chassis and other parts are covered by the 5-year Earthquake warranty.

E43 earth auger powerhead Photo: EarthquakeE43 earth auger powerhead
Photo: Earthquake

Earthquake also displayed its power auger package, which they say features the E43 earth auger powerhead combined with a heavy-duty 8-inch auger and Earthquake’s flex coil shock absorber. The company says the package price can save customers as much as 20 percent off the open stock items purchased separately.

“Earthquake is the largest manufacturer of hand-held earth augers in the world,” says Hyatt. “The Earthquake power auger package offers terrific value on an earth auger powerhead engineered to be reliable and long-lasting and backed by a 5-year limited warranty combined with an 8-inch auger with a fishtail point.”

Earthquake says their Versa combination tiller cultivator recently received a 5-star review from Gardening Products Review.

The company says the Versa features four front tines made of forged steel and can switch from wide, four-tine tilling to narrow, two-tine cultivating with simple, tool-less removal of its outer tines and shields.

“All the testers for Gardening Products Review have years of personal experience in gardening, landscaping and horticulture,” says Hyatt. “Their objective reviews offer insightful and practical information on the products homeowners and micro farmers count on to get their work done easier and faster.”

“Anyone who has a new yard or a garden with soil that needs to be broken up can save hours of otherwise back-breaking work with the VERSA,” says Monica Hemingway, editor, Gardening Products Review. “Our tester concluded that its small profile and adjustable features make it a flexible and powerful addition to anyone’s garden or small farm equipment.”

Earthquake says the Versa was tested as a tiller and as a cultivator in different soil conditions, and the product carries a 5-year limited warranty.

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