The benefits of selling outdoor lighting as part of your landscape projects

Updated Mar 23, 2020
Photo: Chip-N-Dale’s Custom LandscapingPhoto: Chip-N-Dale’s Custom Landscaping

Creating a beautiful landscape that takes a homeowner’s breath away during the daylight hours is one thing but extending that wow factor into the evening is where true mastery of landscape design and planning is showcased.

If you don’t already offer outdoor lighting as part of your landscape design/build repertoire, here are some reasons presented by ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists to take your services to the next level.

Increase value for clients

Compared to other landscape materials, outdoor lighting systems are relatively inexpensive. However, the perceived value they add to a project can be priceless. Outdoor lighting can increase the amount of time homeowners spend outdoors, allowing them to entertain comfortably after dark.

In addition, well-planned lighting can improve the ambiance of the landscape at night, increase the safety of walkways and outdoor living areas and provide a sense of security. All of which adds up to increased customer satisfaction – something all good landscape contractors strive for!

Widen your profit margin

With outdoor lighting fixtures being relatively inexpensive, adding outdoor lighting planning and installation to your list of services can help to widen your profit margins. With minimal material costs, you are essentially selling your expertise in designing an outdoor lighting plan and installing the system.

Because skill in this area is so sought after, many homeowners are prepared to pay a premium for an expert who can work magic with lighting. It pays, therefore, to have your staff properly trained, not only in the installation of outdoor lighting fixtures but in various lighting techniques that can be incorporated into the plan to achieve a stunning end result. Remember to include outdoor lighting planning and installation as part of your original quote to allow your clients to see the value involved in making this small but all-important investment.

Highlight your masterpieces

Using various lighting techniques, you can showcase the finer details, personalized touches and focal points of your landscape design that may be obvious during the day, but would otherwise be invisible at night.

Uplighting a tree or central structure, for example, can achieve a dramatic effect that signifies the importance of the feature after dark. Moonlighting, which is a technique whereby light is filtered down through the foliage of a tree, can create a magical ambiance and draw attention to a flower bed or hardscape area below.

A technique known as wall grazing, where light is directed across a vertical surface, can draw attention to the rich textures of a retaining wall or low wall system. You can also use underwater lighting to accentuate water features. Combined with comfortable ambient lighting, functional lighting for outdoor kitchen work surfaces and various other techniques that you can use to expand your outdoor lighting arsenal, outdoor lighting will soon be as central a part of your designs as the features it illuminates.

Prioritize safety for homeowners

For many homeowners, outdoor lighting plays a central role in safety and security. Apart from making steps and walkways safer to navigate at night, lighting provides comfort and acts as a deterrent for would-be intruders.

By including outdoor lighting planning and installation as part of your services to your clients, you can offer the full package of a landscape that is beautiful around the clock, customer-friendly and contributes greatly to the perceived and actual value of the home, all while maximizing personal security.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by the Halstead Media Group. Led by husband and wife team, Anna and Corey, Halstead Media brings an incredibly effective balance of landscape industry background, small business knowledge and Fortune/Global 500 experience to landscape architecture firms, landscape design/builds and building products manufacturers. 

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