Product roundup: Big Tex expands lineup with new dump trailer

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Photo: Big TexPhoto: Big Tex

Big Tex trailers unveiled another addition to its dump trailer lineup, the 16LP super-duty ultra-low profile dump trailer, during this month’s NATDA Trade Show. The company says the model is available in 14’ and 16’ lengths, with a GVWR of 17,500 pounds.

“We’re pleased to add the 16LP to our industry-leading dump trailer lineup,” says Big Tex vice president of sales Johnathan Bradley. “This super-duty model combines durable construction and premium features with a user-friendly ultra-low profile to provide customers with a superior new choice for their hauling needs.”

Big Tex says that structurally, 16LP features an I-beam frame design with an integrated tongue and comes equipped with two 8,000-pound Dexter Oil Bath axles. The company says additional features include a 12,000-pound top-wind drop-leg, a 12V interstate deep-cycle battery with onboard charger, double broke diamond plate fenders, a self-contained electric/hydraulic scissor hoist and Nev-R-Adjust electric brakes on all hubs.

Big Tex says for transporting large loads of gravel, loose materials or soil, the 16LP includes an array of features, including a standard-equipped crank-style roll tarp and fully formed front tarp shroud; side and rear J-hooks for tarp control; rear stabilizer stands; and a rear combo gate designed to function as both a spreader gate and as barn doors, easily secured with D-ring door holdbacks.

Big Tex says a 2” square tubing top rail and 24”-tall 10-gauge sides with formed channel supports ensure lasting durability, and the payload is impressive, as well: 13,000 pounds and 7.2 cubic yards for the 14’ model; 12,550 pounds and 8.3 cubic yards for the 16’ model.

When equipped with the available rear slide-in ramp package, Big Tex says the 16LP is primed to haul equipment safely and easily, and inside the bed, 4 D-rings allow for equipment to be secured.

“The 16LP is a feature-rich, work-ready dump trailer designed to deliver an unsurpassed user experience,” says Bradley.

ForeverLawn awarded industry-first patent for antistatic synthetic turf

ForeverLawn recently announced that it has been awarded a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company says the patent US10323361, entitled Synthetic Turf System Made with Antistatic Yarns and Method of Making, was awarded in June of this year.

The company says the patented antistatic technology, multicolored options and antimicrobial agents engineered into the grass blades make Playground Grass by ForeverLawn the most innovative playground surfacing product on the market today.

Photo: ForeverLawnPhoto: ForeverLawn

“This new advancement provides unprecedented protection against static buildup on the playground and other areas where static can accumulate,” says Kevin Kinsley, Playground Grass brand manager at ForeverLawn. “As the only company with this patented technology built into their synthetic grass offerings, ForeverLawn continues to lead the way in developing innovative high-performance synthetic turf products.”

The company says the invention has been branded by ForeverLawn as XStatic antistatic technology and is offered in its Playground Grass Ultra product. A popular product that was first introduced in 2012 and re-launched in 2019 with new enhancements, the company says Playground Grass Ultra is a synthetic grass surface that has been installed in thousands of playgrounds throughout the United States and abroad.

The company says Playground Grass Ultra is comprised of polyethylene grass blades with a textured nylon thatch zone designed to create a full, dense surface that meets stringent safety specifications when installed as part of the ForeverLawn Playground Grass system.

This multilayered system, the company says, is tested and guaranteed to meet safety and accessibility requirements set forth by organizations such as the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA) and ASTM.

ForeverLawn says static can accumulate in a variety of environments, but playgrounds can be particularly abundant in static build-up due to the use of plastic play equipment and the friction that is created during play. The company says that synthetic grass with XStatic antistatic technology helps dissipate static buildup through the use of a nonconductive polymeric component infused into the product. When an electric charge is generated from sliding on a plastic slide, for example, the company says the synthetic grass substantially reduces the static electrical discharge commonly known as a static shock.

In addition to incorporating the new invention to manage static, ForeverLawn says the Playground Grass Ultra offers several enhancements that add value for the consumer. With the re-launch of the product, ForeverLawn says it now offers eight stock colors to create inventive designs without costly charges or long wait times for custom runs.

The company says the Playground Grass Ultra also offers AlphaSan antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold and other microorganisms that can cause odors, discoloration and deterioration of plastic products.

Arborjet now lists Diplodia tip blight on Propizol Systemic Fungicide label

Arborjet announced that it now has Diplodia tip blight listed on a 2ee label for Propizol Systemic Fungicide.

Unknown 1The company says that recent studies show high success rates when infected pines are treated using Arborjet’s injection technology. If left untreated, the company says repeat infections can spread from needle fascicles to the entire tree branch, ultimately resulting in tree death.

The company says Diplodia tip blight is a fungal disease that mostly affects the Austrian pine, Ponderosa pine and to a lesser degree, Scots and Mugo pine. Diplodia tip blight primarily affects established landscape trees, generally 30 years or older. It kills branches by causing cankers and infects the vascular tissue with blue stain. Environmental stresses do elicit the disease: storm damage (wind, ice, hail) and moisture stress are factors that predispose the tree to infection.

Experts at Arborjet recommend treatment in the late fall when temperatures are cooler.

Arborjet’s treatment method:

  • Injects and seals the formulation directly into a tree’s vascular system. Nothing is placed in the soil or into the air.
  • Allows a tree to be treated for over 20 years if needed before the costs equal that of removing and replacing a tree.
  • Saves mature trees, which reduce CO2 production, energy costs and stormwater runoff while maintaining property values.

Belgard Mega-Tandem wall system introduces 7-Inch connector

Belgard says the Mega-Tandem wall system introduced the 7-inch connector, adding a 12-inch wall depth to the system. The company says the Mega-Tandem is a versatile, 3-in-1 system designed by Belgard that provides design flexibility with the natural appearance of chiseled stone in 12 different facial textures to complement any hardscape.

With the addition of the 12-inch deep option, the company says the Mega-Tandem has three face depth choices available for more design versatility. The 7-inch connector joins Mega-Tandem’s 22-inch connector (for 27-inch wall depths) for gravity walls up to six feet tall and the 41-inch connector for 46-inch wall depths for gravity walls up to 10 ft. tall.

Photo: BelgardPhoto: Belgard

Belgard says the 12-inch deep system is designed for reinforced walls with stability provided in the facing and reinforced soil behind the face, and they add that this 3-in-1 system provides superior strength and can be used for reinforced walls in excess of 15 ft. The polypropylene connection members insert into the dovetail slots of the facing panels for easy installation.

The company says the key advantages of the 7-inch connector (12-inch depth system) vs. longer connectors include:

  • A more cost-effective solution when gravity walls are not required
  • A more conventional capping solution when using the Tandem Cap
  • When used with the two-sided Tandem cap, the connector allows up to 12 inches of freeboard (stick up) at the top of the wall for a more finished appearance front and back

Belgard says the connecting members of the Mega-Tandem system create structural integrity, while the multiple wall depths provide design flexibility. As an alternative to precast walls, Belgard says Mega-Tandem provides needed stability with the more attractive look of chiseled stone.

Belgard says the wall system has a running bond configuration, so no patterns are required. Meeting ASTM C-1262 standards and exceeding ASTM C-1372, the company says the Mega-Tandem wall system is suitable for any climate, even in the coldest environments, where it can withstand harsh freeze-thaw cycles.

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