Equipment roundup: ASV showcases new RT-50 posi-track loader

Photo: ASV Holdings, Inc.Photo: ASV Holdings, Inc.

ASV Holdings, Inc. announced that it will display the company’s new mid-size RT-50 Posi-Track loader for the first time at the ARA Show and CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.

The company says this loader features a performance-to-weight ratio that joins the RT-25 and RT-40 as a powerful, lightweight machine. The company says all three are ideal as an addition to landscape, construction or snow-clearing fleets.

The company says the RT-50, RT-40 and RT-25 let operators do more in more places thanks to the low ground pressures, the ability to be towed behind a ½-ton pick-up truck and compact statures allowing the machines to fit into tight areas.

“ASV has been a leader in the small sit-in compact track loader market for two decades, and we continue to do so,” says Justin Rupar, ASV Holdings Inc. vice president of sales and marketing. “Just like the rest of our line, these are serious, capable machines for serious work. They are lighter, faster and stronger, and their compact size allows operators to get into tight areas and do things they never thought possible with a compact track loader.”

ASV says the RT-50 provides operators more power in tight areas, opening doors to new applications for contractors and offering an accessible rental option.

The company says the track loader features a 1,400-pound rated operating capacity while weighing just 5,350 pounds, and ASV says operators get more done in a day thanks to digging and pushing power resulting from ASV’s posi-power system combined with a 50-horsepower engine, high-efficiency drive system and light overall weight.

The RT-50 handles demanding attachments with ease. This is thanks to a highly efficient cooling system and a robust hydraulic system that includes 3,000 psi of auxiliary pressure and a 13.3 gpm flow. The system features large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment with maximum efficiency.

ASV says that operators can use the machine to load landscape trucks and small dump trucks thanks to the loader’s 109.6-inch pin height. The company also says getting around the jobsite quickly is easy due to the loader’s 7.1 mph top speed.

ASV says users can tow the RT-50 behind a 1/2-ton pick-up truck or SUV, as well as on small, narrow trailers. This, the company says, is the result of the machine’s low trailer weight and 58.5-inch width. Plus, sweeping or plowing snow on sidewalks or working in narrow backyards is made easier by the RT-50’s slim design, according to ASV.

The company says the RT-50 excels in soft ground conditions, allowing operators to get back to work sooner after wet weather, even on sensitive turf, and the machine minimizes the risk of turf damage as a result of a class-leading low ground pressure of 3.1 psi.

ASV says an optional smooth turf track further minimizes turf damage, which is achieved with 15-inch-wide tracks and an even weight distribution brought on by a large number of contact points within the patented Posi-Track undercarriage.

The company says the undercarriage also means ASV customers can use the machine as an all-terrain, all-season piece of equipment with maximum control, flotation, traction and pushing power in steep, wet, muddy and slippery conditions.

Additionally, ASV says the risk of track derailment is virtually eliminated thanks to numerous contact points and guide lugs. Operators can easily drive over logs, stumps, rocks and other obstructions with less risk of getting hung up. This is because of the 14.4 inches of ground clearance, nearly double that of comparable models from other manufacturers.

The company says the Posi-Track undercarriage significantly improves operator comfort, as operators experience a smoother ride over tough terrain, meaning less fatigue during a long day in the cab. This, ASV says, is made possible by a torsion axle suspension system.

ASV says the RT-50 includes features allowing for the highest ease of serviceability, saving operators maintenance time so they can get back to work, and thanks to a large rear-tilting hood, the company says maintenance points are easily accessible.

The company says maintenance is simple and speedy as a result of easily accessible drain plugs for draining, zerk fittings for convenient greasing and spin-on, frame-mounted filters with single-wrench service.

Additionally, ASV says a direct-drive pump eliminates the labor-intensive belt servicing that comes with belt-driven pumps. ASV adds that operators also save time and money with the RT-50 because the company builds its loaders with individually replaceable steel sprocket rollers, as well as standard metal-face seals that ensure the idler wheel hubs don’t require maintenance for the life of the machine.

ASV says operators also see increased sprocket and bogie wheel life along with easier and faster undercarriage cleaning because of the open-rail and positive drive sprocket design.

All of the wheels are exposed in the undercarriage, allowing material to spill out, which the company says reduces the risk of abrasive material getting trapped and wearing away at components.

All Posi-Track loaders are backed with ASV’s 2-year/2,000-hour warranty, which covers tracks for the entire period and includes the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee.

Talbert now offering modular 65-ton trailer

Talbert Manufacturing announced that it now offers the 65SA modular trailer, which the company says takes advantage of Talbert’s custom-engineering experience to incorporate multiple axle configurations based on customer requirements for optimum versatility.

Talbert says the trailer’s design features a flip extension to accommodate a tandem- or tri-axle jeep dolly, which allows maximum load configurations. The company adds that it also pairs with their E2 or E3Nitro axle extension, which they say dampens axle movement and controls load transfer.

Photo: Talbert ManufacturingPhoto: Talbert Manufacturing

The company adds that the modular trailer maintains a 65-ton rating at half the deck length with a 16-inch loaded side deck height and 6-inch loaded road clearance.

Talbert says it will feature a 3+3+2 configuration, raised-center version of the 65SA modular trailer, along with other custom-engineered innovations, at booth F5504 during CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

“Every day, loads are getting bigger, wider and heavier,” says Troy Geisler, vice president of sales and marketing for Talbert Manufacturing. “On top of that, government agencies are pushing for stricter controls to protect aging infrastructure. To help our customers stay ahead of the curve — to run safely and efficiently, no matter their area of operation — Talbert has always offered first-class engineering and industry-leading versatility. The 65SA Modular Trailer is designed to help operators adjust axle configurations to fit the specific requirements of the load and the road.”

The company says the 65-ton modular trailer is individually engineered for customized axle configurations including 2+3+2, 3+3+2 or other variations.

Featuring 60.5-inch axle spacing, as well as an airlift on axle 3 and a chain lift on axles 1, 2, 4 and 5, Talbert says the trailer is capable of running with 3, 4 or 5 axles in a row without a booster, and the base model offers a 120-inch swing radius with connections for up to 70-inch gooseneck extension and can be custom-designed to provide a larger swing radius if necessary.

Talbert says its E2 or E3Nitro axle extension can also be engineered into the design. The company says this technology uses a combination of hydraulic fluid and nitrogen to equalize axle pressures, providing proportionate weight distribution of each axle grouping, and it optimizes the range of suspension movement, which minimizes stress and provides a smooth ride.

Additionally, the company says the ENitro system features a bearing pivot and pivot lockout for backing the trailer. Users can also hydraulically lock in axle loads regardless of the terrain.

Offering a 28-foot deck length, Talbert says the 65-ton modular trailer is rated for 65 tons in a 13-axle configuration and capacity increases to 70 tons in 15 feet with a 4-axle close-coupled configuration. The company adds that the trailer can also be designed to accommodate an additional 10- or 15-foot section of the deck, varying in type from beam to drop side.

“While every Talbert trailer is built to customer specifications, the 65SA is one of our most adaptable models,” says Geisler. “Adding additional axles after the fact can’t increase capacity, but factoring in these options during design allows our engineers to provide maximum flexibility with Talbert’s unmatched strength, reliability and longevity.”

Toro releases NozzAlert system, expands Workman GTX line

Toro announced that operating its multi-pro sprayers is even more efficient now with the introduction of the NozzAlert flow monitoring system.

The company says operators will no longer have to judge spray flow based on visibility, as the NozzAlert system delivers continuous monitoring and provides both visual and audible alerts if there are any flow disparities.

“The misapplication and subsequent waste of costly chemicals will be greatly reduced for courses using NozzAlert,” says Josh Kravik, Toro product marketing manager. “This easy-to-install accessory brings peace of mind to spray operators by monitoring flow across each individual spray nozzle, alerting the operator to any flow disparities. This solves the age-old concern about not having good visibility to nozzle performance, especially behind the spray tank.”

Toro Red Tagline Black Large RgbToro says the precise flow is not only essential for reducing waste, but also for ensuring application efficacy and ideal course conditions. The company adds that NozzAlert monitors the entire spray boom, all 11 or 12 nozzles, for optimal flow, with each individual nozzle noted on the intuitive color display. Green will indicate that the nozzle flow is operating at the correct rate.

Toro says if there is a flow disparity in the nozzle, NozzAlert will notify the operator through a visual change to yellow or red on the display, as well as an audible alert. Toro says the operator can then stop to fix the issue before any potential misapplication can result in damaged turf, costly waste or diminished application efficacy.

“Accuracy is enhanced, and the risk of causing turf damage due to over- or under-applying sprayable products is greatly reduced,” added Kravik.

Toro says the NozzAlert installs quickly and is fully compatible with all tri-truss Toro multi-pro sprayers produced since 2006, and users can customize the error range settings and the display, such as selecting whether or not to display the flow rate or turning the audible alarm on or off.

The company adds that all NozzAlert system components are chemical and weather resistant.

Toro also says it has raised the bar with two new additions to its lineup of Workman GTX utility vehicles.

Toro says the Workman GTX lithium-ion lifted and Workman GTX EFI lifted models each provide an additional three inches of ground clearance compared to traditional Workman GTX machines. The company says the EFI unit is currently available, and the lithium-ion powered unit will be available in March 2020.

Toro says this higher clearance protects golf courses by making it easier for operators to drive over rough or uneven areas without causing damage, and it also reduces the risk of accidentally dragging debris that can gouge the turf.

Toro says both models utilize modern 12” wheels and large 22” tires that protect the course by evenly distributing weight, and the tires feature a tread pattern designed for driving over turf.

The company says that the lithium-ion technology powering the lithium-ion model is built to deliver hours of reliable performance, and it boasts the largest cargo capacity of any lithium-ion powered model in its class.

Because the lithium-ion packs are nearly 26 percent lighter than lead-acid batteries, Toro says it makes a big impression on productivity without leaving a big impression on course turf.

“We’re excited to offer a lithium-ion utility vehicle of this size,” says Andrew Ihrke, associate marketing manager at Toro. “Courses will see reduced fuel costs and reduced maintenance costs, while still having the large capacity they need for a wide range of jobs. And, of course, the extra ground clearance of both models allows operators to more easily move around all areas of their property.”

Bobcat Company to display new products at World of Concrete 2020

During the 2020 World of Concrete tradeshow held in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center Feb. 4-7, Bobcat Company says it will showcase the R-Series T76 and S76 loaders, as well as the R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators at booth C5377.

The company says the R-Series loaders are designed to tackle both everyday work and the toughest of challenges, and the first R-Series loaders to launch will include the Bobcat T76 compact track loader and the S76 skid-steer loader.

R-Series T76 and S76 compact loaders

The company says the optional clear-side enclosure and mesh-free windows allows operators to easily see to the sides of the machine and maneuver confidently. Plus, Bobcat says the R-Series loaders come standard with LED lights for far-reaching visibility in low-light situations, and operators can also upgrade to optional premium LED lights, which wrap around the cab’s upper corners to illuminate more of the jobsite.

Bobcat Company says another option available on the R-Series is the 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage, and the new cab design is a one-piece, sealed and pressurized design.

Photo: Bobcat CompanyPhoto: Bobcat Company

When it’s time for maintenance or repairs, the company says the entire R-Series cab rotates out of the way to provide improved service access – with hardware on the cab exterior for easy removal.

Bobcat adds that the R-Series loaders have a redesigned cooling system for optimal operation and maximum uptime, and the fan size is increased by approximately 50 percent.

Additionally, the company says a new cast-steel Bob-Tach attachment mounting system provides a stronger connection point with more metal where it’s really needed.

The company says these new loaders also feature an inline engine design and a durable direct-drive system, and the new engine and system deliver the durability and characteristics necessary to accommodate new levels of performance required on today’s jobsites.

Bobcat notes that the R-Series loaders are also equipped with redesigned lift arms for increased lifting capability.

R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators

The company says it has also enhanced its compact excavator line with the R2-Series excavators, which Bobcat says deliver a new look paired with impressive performance and comfort features.

Bobcat says the R2-Series excavators feature a more efficient engine that delivers the performance operators need while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance. The company also notes that the redesigned Bobcat engine improves cold-weather operation.

The E42 and E50 excavators feature improved low effort joysticks, which the company says provide quick, precise movement with low efforts, while a hydraulic control valve offers improved metering, finite movement and controllability for level grading and fast cycle times.

Additionally, Bobcat says the E42 and E50 excavators offer considerable glass surface area for the side windows of the cab and top window, in addition to narrow side pillars. The company says the automatic heat and air conditioning system maintains a steady and comfortable temperature without the need for manual adjustments.

Bobcat says the E42 and E50 excavators feature improved versatility, and an optional clamp diverter valve has been added for enhanced hydraulic clamp functionality and improved ability to run other attachments without disconnecting the clamp.

The company adds that operators can also receive detailed machine information and experience unprecedented device connectivity with the advanced in-cab display.

The 7-inch display panel, with a touch screen, is waterproof and hardened to reduce scratching, and Bobcat says operators can view and toggle through machine performance information to make operation efficient, productive and profitable.

The company says the R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators are also approved and ready for the optional Bobcat depth check accessory kit for compact excavators.

The company says operators can use this kit to improve profitability by minimizing the tendency to over- and under-dig. Bobcat says these excavators are designed to accept all depth check system components, and the depth check functions are integrated with the standard 5-inch LCD display or the optional touch display.

John Deere updates line of rotary cutter attachments

John Deere recently announced that it has updated its line of rotary cutter attachments with the new RX72 and RX84.

The company says these new models are designed for heavy-duty vegetation management applications, they are compatible on large-frame skid steers and compact track loaders and they are equipped with high-flow hydraulics and a severe-duty door.

“These new attachments offer reliable solutions to landscapers, agricultural producers and municipal contractors that depend on John Deere equipment for land clearing or vegetation management,” says Jessica Hill, program manager, global attachments, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “The new models are designed to help our customers get the most of their investment by delivering greater performance and increased efficiency when clearing tough brush and hardwood.”

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

The company says these rotary cutters offer a robust solution for clearing medium-to-heavy brush and hardwoods up to 10 inches in diameter. The company says both models include motors with a direct drive bearing for higher efficiency and extended durability, and they feature three blades made of thick forged AR400 steel measuring 0.625 inches.

John Deere adds that each model incorporates a retractable forward shield that rolls back to expose the blades to larger-diameter trees. Once the material is cleared, the company says the forward shield closes to process material more efficiently and to reduce the risk of flying debris with its heavy chain curtain.

The company says hydraulic valving also stops the blades from spinning within seconds of shutdown, providing operators and those on the job site with an additional safety feature.

John Deere says each model uses a skid steer coupler attachment interface to mount to the carrier, and both cutters are powered using 0.5-inch auxiliary hydraulic quick connectors, while the RX84 also uses a 0.375-inch case drain quick coupler.

Hydraulic specifications include a 30-45 gpm flow range with a 4,000 psi maximum operating pressure. The company says the RX72 weighs 1,810 pounds, and the RX84 weighs 2,260 pounds, so the rear counterweight will improve the stability of the skid steer or compact track loader.

John Deere adds that the RX72 and RX84 have cutting widths of 72 inches and 84 inches, respectively.

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