Equipment roundup: Kubota introduces new compact tractors

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Photo: KubotaPhoto: Kubota

Kubota Tractor Corporation recently unveiled its new LX series to the company’s tractor line.

The company says this new LX series offers three models, including the entry-level LX2610SU ROPS model and the LX2610 and LX3310, both of which come with ROPS and cab model options.

Designed with both commercial and residential operators in mind, Kubota says the LX series has the versatility to tackle rural residential tasks while providing the power and comfort to handle commercial applications as well.

Kubota says the LX series will be available nationwide at authorized Kubota dealers beginning in late spring 2020.

“With the new LX series, Kubota will bridge the gap for customers who prefer a smaller chassis size similar to the B series but need some of the additional power and functionality of our L series tractors,” says Kelcey Cockrell, Kubota product manager. “This new series is a crossover and will meet the needs of residential property owners as well as professional operators for snow removal and landscaping applications.”

The company says the LX series compact tractors are powered by Kubota diesel engines ranging from 24.9 to 30.8 gross engine horsepower. Kubota says the LX3310 model features a Kubota Common Rail System diesel engine that provides better fuel economy and lower emissions, as well as a high level of power, torque and performance.

Kubota says this machine provides a compact size that the company says is capable of operating 60-inch and 72-inch mid-mount mowers, backhoe, front snow removal implements and a 3-point hitch for a wide variety of rear implements including five-foot rotary cutters, box blades, tillers, post-hole diggers and more.

The company says the LX Series also features Goodyear R14 crossover tires, made by Titan International, Inc., with a new hybrid tread design optimized for performance for a variety of snow, ice, turf or mud applications.

Kubota says operator comfort and functionality are available in both a deluxe ROPS open station and factory cab model. The company says the factory cab model is equipped with a 4-pillar integrated cabin and includes an air conditioner and heater, front LED work lights, cabin interior light, front and rear wipers with washer, rear defogger and speakers.

The company says both ROPS and cab models feature cruise control, tilt steering and a new deluxe suspension seat and armrests with deeper suspension that keeps operators comfortable and productive.

Kubota says the LX series features an entry-level, affordable model, the LX2610SU, which provides deluxe features to maximize performance including a Kubota-built front loader and backhoe, multiple tire options and a Category I 3-point hitch to connect performance-matched land pride implements to match a wide variety of applications.

Available in a ROPS model, Kubota says the LX2610SU is the perfect option for first-time tractor buyers looking to prioritize power in their compact tractor.

Doosan expands mini excavator lineup

Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, announced it is expanding its mini excavator lineup with the new DX62R-3. The company says the reduced tail swing model provides increased maneuverability and accessibility for excavation work in limited spaces.

The company says this mini excavator features a reduced tail swing profile at just 4.9 inches of side overhang, which allows customers to work in confined areas with more flexibility to maneuver without sacrificing performance.

Photo: DoosanPhoto: Doosan

The company says the addition of the DX62R-3 mini excavator expands the model options within the compact market segment for Doosan customers.

Doosan says the design of the DX62R-3 utilizes the basics of the existing Doosan mini-excavator and builds on it by adjusting the positioning of the excavator upper structure to the undercarriage to reduce tail swing length.

The company says moving the swing center forward extends the machine’s digging reach by 11 inches while maintaining the desired machine balance, and reduced tail swing machines require less repositioning when operating, helping the operator work more efficiently.

Doosan says the model is the answer for customers who need to work within urban environments where space is limited.

“We realize that not every customer has the luxury of space when working on a jobsite, so we wanted to create a quality option for those situations,” says Aaron Kleingartner, Doosan Infracore North America marketing manager. “This model will be an ideal companion to our existing excavator lineup to ensure that all needs are met.”

Approved attachments:

  • Angle tilt bucket
  • Heavy-duty bucket
  • Ditch cleaning bucket
  • Power tilt coupler
  • Hydraulic quick coupler
  • Wedge lock coupler
  • Hydraulic clamp attachment

Approved accessories:

  • Rotating beacon
  • Falling objects guard assembly kit
  • Fuel filler pump

DX62R-3 mini excavator specifications:

  • Operating weight: 13,779 lb.
  • Overhang length*: 4.9 in.
  • Horsepower: 59 hp
  • Maximum dig depth: 13 ft. 6 in.
  • Maximum reach: 21 ft. 4 in.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 35 gpm
  • Bucket capacity: 6.18 cu. ft.
  • Boom length: 9 ft. 6 in.
  • Arm length: 6 ft. 3 in.
  • Overall width: 6 ft. 6 in.

*Tail swing overhang (side)

Fecon introduces Stumpex CUL for compact utility loaders

Photo: FeconPhoto: Fecon

Fecon recently introduced the Stumpex CUL stump grinder, which the company says is designed specifically for compact utility loaders.

Fecon says this slow speed, high torque cutting attachment mounts to CULs with 10-20 GPM of hydraulic flow, and 2,000 to 3,000 PSI. The company says the machine’s open frame facilities material flow while a robust drive generates up to 4,000 ft. lbs. of torque to tackle any species of wood.

Fecon says the 340-pound attachment provides a long service life, and it removes stumps from 4 to 11 inches with a single plunge. The company adds that stumps greater than 11 inches can be removed with multiple plunges.

Fecon says the slow speed ensures a safer work environment with faster clean-up, and the company says it’s ideal for property managers/landowners, farmers, landscapers, parks and recreational facilities, rental facilities and others seeking to safely remove stumps using a CUL.

The company says the hardened auger cone ensures positive draw into the stump, while stepped blades of ½” thick durable AR500 material rotate at slow speeds.

Fecon says the low RPM auger bit leads to easy work site clean-up without flying debris that is inherent with conventional stumpers, and there are no carbide tips to replace and no flying projectiles.

Digga partners with for online retail attachments

The Australian manufacturer Digga recently partnered with to allow customers to purchase skid steer augers and trenchers.

Photo: DiggaPhoto: Digga

The company says the Digga skid steer auger attachments are highly powerful and feature an Eaton motor that comes in a variety of different options (1DSS, 2DSS,3DSS, 4DSS), with flow requirements ranging from 6-15 GPM to 10-30 GPM. Hub options include 2″ Hex or 2 9/16″ Round Hub.   

The company also sells the Bigfoot trencher for skid steers, which comes in a 3-foot or 4-foot model with the same Eaton motor. Digga says the attachment features a depth control foot providing consistent depth, large spoil auger and multiple chain types.

Digga says three different chain types allow users to cut in conditions from earth to asphalt and are offered in width options from 4-12 inches. only has a few listings available today, but Digga says it has a range of products that could be seen on the website in the coming months.

The company says skid steer augers and trenchers can easily be fitted to run on excavators by simply using a different mounting plate. Additional Digga products that could be seen soon on are:

  • Cement mixer
  • Sweeper brooms
  • Auger drilling extensions
  • Root rakes
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