When it comes to success, processes and procedures matter

Investing time into processes and procedures is an investment in success.
Investing time into processes and procedures is an investment in success.
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In a growing business, there are many challenges. One such challenge is putting together forms and manuals that outline new processes and procedures in the company. Not just putting together the actual documents or manuals but getting a working system in place is difficult. It is essential that as your business grows to implement new ways of doing business. There is no way to keep working things the same way you used to when the volume of business changes.

Here are some things you need to consider when putting together processes and procedures for your business.

 What is the Employee’s Role?

  • Employees must understand their role in the process in order to be efficient in the business.
  • When they have no idea what part they play, they will waste a lot of time aimlessly wandering around waiting for the next step.
  • Processes and procedures need to clearly outline what each person on the team is expected to do. It is also helpful that everyone in the company has an understanding of what their team members’ roles are.

Here is something that was told to me by a mentor many years ago that helped to put roles and responsibilities in perspective:

The crew leader owns the day...the production manager owns the week...you own the month.

Who Does the Employee Report To?

  • As part of the process and procedures of your business, it should be made very clear to who each person reports.
  • There needs to be a well-established feedback loop that allows staffers to communicate their problems.
  • This allows the management team to dole out resources and brainstorm ways to solve the problem.

Employees Need to Be a Part of Creating the Process

  • There is no way for one person to understand all of the problems that are being faced in the company on a daily basis.
  • It is important that each employee helps to create the process and procedures for their position.
  • They have firsthand working knowledge of how things work and issues that arise with the existing procedures.
  • It is critically important that you keep up the pace when it comes to developing processes and procedures in the business.
  • This is an aspect of running a company that must be re-evaluated on a regular basis.

As the Leader, You’re the Lead Systems Engineer

  • If you’re not the one driving the systems in your business, then...Why Not? Who Is?
  • If you aren’t quantifying /measuring the intended results, then how do you know how effective your systems really are?

The Entrepreneur in You Wants to be Building Growth and Long-Term Value Instead of Managing the Next Problem on Your To-Do List

  • You want to focus on the future and yet, you also have to manage today’s systems.
  • You have to balance this tension with making sure that everything has its place and everything is in its place.
  • The sum of that should be a finely-tuned system called ‘your business’.

In Summary

Remember that not paying attention to systems and processes will lead to a business that is out of control. Not paying attention to systems and processes will leave you to feeling overwhelmed. This is because your business has become too reliant on you. If that's happening, it's time to make a change.

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