Methods for avoiding business burn out

Updated Oct 26, 2021

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Ask super-successful entrepreneurs what it takes to be a success and they’ll mention hard work, determination, clear goals and teamwork.  But what they may not mention is the frequent, almost certain, but very real experience of feeling burned-out emotionally and physically, and the tightrope of managing finances.

Avoid burn out by using these strategies:

1)   Work from a list each day.  But not a long list.  Keep your list to just six items or less.  Make certain at least one of those items reminds you to work on your business instead of in your business.  You’ll find greater profits, continuous improvement and success in your future.

2)   Time chunking.  You avoid burn out when you control your schedule.  Nothing can be more helpful than two hours to four hours of complete silence; no phone, no texts, no email and no interruptions.  During this time you are in control of your mind, your emotions and your physical surroundings.  You can do what you want, but most importantly, be sure to do what you must do to make major progress on a meaningful project that will make you feel like a success.

3)   Keep score. Keep financial records up to date and regularly compare them to financial goals.  You must have clear, measurable goals set for yourself or your company.  Failure to keep score will drain your gas tank.

4)   Find a mentor.  It can be very lonely running a business.  At times you must face decisions driven by emotion and decisions that are unpopular among workers.  A mentor can help you sort through emotions, provide advice based on facts and offer suggestions from an unbiased point of view.  Besides, even the most confident boss can benefit from a pep-talk after a tough week.

5)   Take a vacation.  Actually, I suggest taking three to six weeks away from day-to-day work each year.  Each time you prepare for time off, you have to work extra hard to get ready to go.  Each time you return to work, you have to work extra hard to catch up.  You avoid busy work, you focus on high-payoff activities and you get two to three times more work done each cycle.  High performance individuals always take vacations and re-energize.

I’ve used these five simple lessons to stay energized about my business for more than 25 years.  I’ve witnessed many of my clients become re-energized with these tips.  I’ll bet you can, too.  Oh…and if you get stuck, shoot me an email.

EDITOR’S NOTE:Tony Bass is a featured speaker and landscape business consultant. He is the founder, inventor and CEO of Super Lawn Technologies in Fort Valley, GA. You can reach Tony at  [email protected].

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