Why Get Certified?

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Becoming certified in any profession is important, but in landscaping, it’s more than just the potential pay raise or the extra title on a business card.

No, certification means trust, which to some professional landscapers is the biggest key in the industry.

Trust can mean referrals, new jobs and new income for 2013, which could be the difference between thriving and surviving.

Some may think getting certified is a waste of time or can even take too much time.

Those extra initials on a business card could make or break a contract with a potential client. Being certified can only add more professionalism to your business and organization.

A few helpful hints:

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  • Do your research: Find which certification will be most applicable and beneficial to your business.
  • Stay dedicated: Going halfway through a program will only be a waste of money and time. If you’re going to take a step forward, don’t quit and take two steps back.
  • Trust your crew: You hired them, so trust them. Introduce the certification courses to your crews or take them to a few classes to find out more information. Having more certified professionals in your business can only be beneficial.
  • Put the certification to use: When you finally get through the course, make sure to take full advantage of that certification. Update your business cards, hang the certification in your office and make it known that you have taken the time to add that extra step of professionalism.

Here’s one example of how a landscaper used getting certified to his advantage.

Organizations like PLANET, a national trade association for landscape professionals, offer a variety of certification courses.

APLD, or the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, also offers a certification program.

If your business is located around a college or university, check into specific classes, programs or organizations that may offer certification courses.


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