Fleet-Tracking Apps Bring Communication

Nex TraqAs a landscaping company grows in size, so does its fleet. With that comes the never-ending headache for the owner to keep track of every truck, piece of equipment and crew member. 

However, companies are now creating easy, fast and portable ways for owners to keep track of every in and out in his or her company.

Fleet-tracking applications are being developed and made to not only track the skid-steer and loader that comes into the shop, but applications are now showing owners what time an employee clocks in and out, when a vehicle needs and how to use alerts and schedules every day.

Some owners may have a fear of losing trust with employees if they feel they are being watched 24/7. But trust is not the issue.

Communication is the key to every successful business, and being able to connect with an employee halfway across the city in less than a minute is a powerful tool.

Fleet tracking may be the most useful piece of technology for a successful business in an economy where landscaping companies are popping up left and right. Staying on top means communicating, monitoring and using every minute of the day efficiently.

Tracking Device Options
NexTraq recently released an application called NexTraq Connect that will allow users to communicate job status, view job locations and directions, assign drivers to vehicles and track vehicle maintenance needs.

US Fleet Tracking also provides a variety of products allowing owners to pick and choose what program will best suite his or her company.

John Deere has also created JDLink Machine Monitoring, which allows users to monitor a variety of things including maintenance and health of a machine. 

Toro also provides a service allowing Toro customers to use its own tracking system called TORO myTurf Fleet.

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