A Man, a Plan & a Tractor

Photo: TracktheTractor.comPhoto: TracktheTractor.com

A tractor can do a lot of things, but one man has proven to me that a tractor can do so much more than a manufacturer’s original intent. 

There are a lot of generous people out there, but Darren Hayes has moved to one of the top people on my list who has shown a great deal of generosity.

Traveling on a 1953 John Deere 60 tractor, Hayes is driving up the East Coast on a three-week journey to raise awareness for a friend.

I will do a lot of things for my friends, but this goes above and beyond a “normal” friendship.

Hayes’ friend, Matt, has been diagnosed with two inoperable cancerous brain tumors. On top of that, Matt’s daughter lost the battle to cancer just one year ago. 

It’s a moving story to say the least. 

The kicker?

It was Hayes who called me on the phone thanking me for writing about his story

While we talked, he was working on his tractor on the road, and, I’m sure, talking to media outlets left and right.

I can only hope the best for Hayes on his journey and hope that he has a safe return. Even more than that, I hope the best for his friend, Matt, and a family who has clearly been through a lot.

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