More to this Mower Than Meets the Eye

maxresdefaultSometimes it’s nice to break the daily grind of cranking the lawn mower every day and zooming from jobsite to jobsite.

In fact, someone has gone as far as not just breaking the daily grind, but nearly breaking a John Deere mower.

Now, I don’t encourage you to jump on the next John Deere you see and attempt what we’re about to show. However, we hope you find it as entertaining as we did.

Last year, we showed you the 130 mph Honda mower from Team Dynamics, but now we show you something equally as fascinating.

A man who calls himself “Slick” has mastered doing a burnout and high-speed donuts on a John Deere mower.

As far as getting the job done…I highly doubt it.

However, adding a little entertainment to your day? Definitely.  

[youtube wnZK5nSyOS4#t=99 nolink]

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