What Does Your ‘Year in Review’ Look Like?

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.41.01 PMAnyone who is familiar with Facebook might have noticed a new banner that popped up not too long ago.

If you click on the banner, you will find the Top 20 Biggest Moments from your 2013 – or “Your 2013 Year in Review”.

After clicking the link, you realize that some events were pretty big…but others not so much. Mine included a video I posted about an antique potato peeler – definitely not the most interesting (or at least I hope).

However, the Year in Review concept is still a good one to follow. Have you taken the time to look at your Year in Review of your company?

This is the time to look at back your 2013 and see where you can improve.

It’s a new year, and we gave you four tips on how to keep your goals through 2014.  

We showed you that even though 2013 may not have produced the best numbers, don’t get down.

We even showed you how to get ready for 2014 with the best budgeting practices.

However, as much as we’re looking to the future, we all have to come from somewhere.

The year 2013 happened, and it might have been your best year or even your worst. However, take what worked or didn’t work, learn from it and apply it to 2014.

Look at your “2013 Year in Review” and pick out your 20 biggest moments as a company. 

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